Film Screening 10th October, 1999

Poster for The Rugrats Movie

The Rugrats Movie 

1:30 PM, 10th October, 1999

  • G
  • 79 mins
  • Unknown
  • Igor Kovalyov, Norton Virgien
  • David N.Weiss & J.David Stem
  • Elizabeth Daily, Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Busta Rhymes, Cheryl Chase

The little Babies get the Big Screen treatment.

When Tommy Pickles gets a little brother, Dylan, he is not very happy. The new baby cries a lot, and takes all the attention of his parents. When Tommy, and the other babies, Chucky, Phil and Lil decide to take him back to the hospital, they end up lost in the woods, after a hair raising ride in a stroller that looks like Raptar, the kid's favourite dinosaur. In the woods are a group of monkeys that have escaped from a circus. They cause the kids no end of trouble.

One of the joys of the TV series (at least for a grown up) is the way the small world of the babies is made into a giant land of adventure. With just a little imagination, the sandpit becomes a desert, or the surface of the moon. By sending the babies into a real and scary world some of this is lost, covered up by high speed rides in Raptar and a very scary wolf.

Still, there's plenty for the kids to enjoy (although the littlest might find the wolf a bit too scary, he's not there for long). And of course, in this modern age there are enough jokes for the grown up to keep them entertained.

Tim Healy

Poster for Sally Marshall Is Not An Alien

Sally Marshall Is Not An Alien 

1:45 PM, 10th October, 1999

  • G
  • 95 mins
  • Unknown
  • Mario Andreacchio
  • Helen Neville, Natalie Vansier, Glenn McMillan

It was clear from when Sally Marshall and her family first moved in that they weren't quite like everyone else. Strange things began to happen, people began to talk and before long the Marshalls were suspected of being a little off the planet, literally. Pip is a slightly nerdy young girl who is bullied into spying on the strange new girl in town, Sally, in order to establish whether or not the Marshall family are in fact beings from another planet, as is suspected by most of the town. Pip soon discovers that Sally and her family are in fact weirder than anyone even suspected, but nonetheless, she still grows to like this unusual group of people. It is now up to Pip to convince everyone that the Marshalls are not aliens, just a little eccentric.

This Australian-made film had a fairly quiet release, no doubt not doing as well as its foreign counterparts from companies such as Disney and the like. However, Sally Marshall is Not an Alien holds its own against such films, delivering good quality family entertainment and even a couple of laughs along the way. If anyone remembers and enjoyed the old Australian TV show 'Round the Twist', you should enjoy this film just as much, for its quirky humour and reasonable production values.

Jamie Swann