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Poster for Boy Erased

Boy Erased

7:30 PM, Fri 22nd February, MA, 115 mins

The teenage son of a small-town Baptist pastor is pressured into attending a gay conversion therapy program after being outed to his conservative parents. Starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

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Poster for Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother You

9:35 PM, Fri 22nd February, MA, 112 mins

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Poster for Bumblebee


No Guests
7:30 PM, Sat 23rd February, PG, 114 mins

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Poster for Overlord


9:34 PM, Sat 23rd February, R, 110 mins

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Poster for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

7:30 PM, Wed 27th February, M, 106 mins

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Poster for Vice


No Guests
7:30 PM, Thu 28th February, M, 132 mins

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Poster for Green Book

Green Book

No Guests
7:30 PM, Fri 1st March, M, 130 mins

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Poster for On the Basis of Sex

On the Basis of Sex

9:50 PM, Fri 1st March, M, 120 mins

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