Film Screening 12th March, 2000

Poster for Des Majorettes dans L'espace

Des Majorettes dans L'espace 

1:30 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 6 mins
  • 1996

An ironic film about love, homosexuality and aids. Dimitri, Soviet cosmonaut of Soyouz 27 likes majorettes. Catherine and Laurent like making love. Jean-paul likes airports. Vincent likes boys.

Poster for Senaste Nytt/Latest News

Senaste Nytt/Latest News 

1:36 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 3 mins
  • 1996
  • Per Carleson
  • Per Carleson

He should be here any minute. She will cook him something tasty. There is a radio in the room. What!!? Has the news gone INTERACTIVE!!

Poster for Peep Show

Peep Show 

1:39 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 9 mins
  • 1998
  • Charles Call

All talk and no action takes a seductively amusing turn in Charles Call's clever revision of that ultimate salacious enterprise. Expect to have your funny bones unexpectedly aroused.

Poster for Ernst og lyset

Ernst og lyset 

1:48 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 12 mins
  • 1996
  • Anders Thomas Jensen
  • Anders Thomas Jensen

Jesus returns to earth after 2000 years and tries to make Ernst a disciple, but soon realises the world is not as he thought it would be. Nominee - Academy Awards

Poster for Valley of the Stereos

Valley of the Stereos 

2:00 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 0 mins
  • Unknown
  • George Port
  • Costa Botes and George Port

A hippie who would kill for peace and quiet. A heavy metaller who would rather die than turn down the volume. It could only end in the Valley of the Stereos.

Poster for California Sunshine

California Sunshine 

2:00 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 20 mins
  • 1997
  • David MacKenzie
  • Gillian Berrie

Andy a small time drug dealer is heavily in debt to his supplier. After a long weekend of partying Rachel finds two missionaries on the doorstep and invites them into their flat.

Poster for Ozone Fish

Ozone Fish 

2:20 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 7 mins
  • 1996
  • Ingebjorg Torgerson

Daddy has promised mats that they're going to go on a picnic and eat meat balls with a fork. But Daddy wants to bring along his new girlfriend and that is not going to be cosy, it's better if it is raining, and of course, you can order a rainy day at any fish shop.

Poster for Max Au Bloc

Max Au Bloc 

2:27 PM, 12th March, 2000

  • 9 mins
  • 1998
  • Claus Drexel
  • Claus Drexel

When a mad surgeon a reluctant patient and a Parisian dame are put together in a operating theatre odd things happen.