Film Screening 20th February, 2001

Poster for Gossip


8:00 PM, 20th February, 2001

  • MA
  • 90 mins
  • 2000
  • Davis Guggenheim
  • Gregory Poirier, Theresa Rebeck
  • James Marsden, Lena Headley, Joshua Jackson, Norman Reedus, Kate Hudson

Gossip is a well thought out and well produced film for the genre of the teen/college film. The direction and script allows for a suspenseful build up to a rather unexpected conclusion. This said, to fully enjoy the film, one must accept the nature of this genre: hot actresses and a Matrix style artificiality of the plot. And here is the plot. Avert thine eyes if you wish to be surprised. A class project for three American college students takes a brutal spin as they attempt to unravel the social phenomenon of, wait for it, gossip. Naomi has made the decision not to have sex before marriage and her boyfriend, Beau, accepts this. One night in a nightclub, Derek (Marsden), Cathy (Headey) and Travis (Reedus) decide to do an experiment for their class project on Beau (Jackson) and Naomi (Hudson). Naomi is drunk and passes out, giving them the opportunity to spread malicious gossip about them to discover the ramifications.

Arne Baek-Hansen