Film Screening 27th March, 2001

Poster for What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath 

8:00 PM, 27th March, 2001

  • M
  • 130 mins
  • 2000
  • Robert Zemeckis
  • Sarah Kernochan, Clark Gregg
  • Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Diana Scarwid

Leave your brains at the door for this enjoyable but un-thrilling thriller from Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis. Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford, a married couple whose only child just left for Uni, receive visits in their new house from a presence, an apparition who loves to take a bath. As the movie unfolds, there is very little suspense, as, thanks to bad promotion, the foyer posters tell us who this presence is. But unlike a lot of other horror movies these days, this one is actually scary, even causing gasps from a cynical bore like myself. This movie also achieved something else missing from most scary movie these days, it actually took itself seriously, thanks to the fine acting by Ford and Pfeiffer. With the exception of the weird watery ending, it is also kind of believable, as you question whether it is all just a deluded hallucinogenic episode on behalf of Pfeiffer's bored-housewife character. The sound is amazingly haunting, and in true Zemeckis fashion there are a few technologically groundbreaking special-effects shots. Don't expect anything new or original, just an unashamed tribute to Hitchcock, which is a pretty relaxing and fun way to spend a couple of hours. All this movie proves is that Robert Zemeckis makes a very well crafted and well-told mediocre Hollywood movie.

Dylan Behan