Film Screening 8th April, 2001

Poster for The Grinch

The Grinch 

1:30 PM, 8th April, 2001

  • PG
  • 105 mins
  • 2000
  • Ron Howard
  • Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman
  • Jim Carrey, Jeffrey Tambor, Taylor Momsen, Christine Baranski

Inside a snowflake, atop of Mt Crumpit, North of Whoville, lives the ugliest, greenest, and meanest creature of all((mdash))The Grinch! No one knows what made The Grinch so mean except perhaps his dog Max. The Grinch hates all things happy and joyful any time of the year, and when Christmas comes around he thinks enough is enough, so he sets out in disguise to ruin and steal Christmas from the residents of Whoville. While there, he meets Cindy Lou Who, a child beginning to doubt the true meaning of Christmas. Cindy Lou is also the only person in Whoville who shows compassion for The Grinch. Together these two mismatched souls search for the meaning of Christmas and come to realise that Christmas comes from the heart and not from material things

Julie Carpenter

Poster for 102 Dalmations

102 Dalmations 

3:25 PM, 8th April, 2001

  • G
  • 102 mins
  • 2000
  • Kevin Lima
  • Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan, Bob Tzudiker, Noni White
  • Glenn Close, Gerard Depardieu, Ioan Gruffudd, Alice Evans, Eric Idle

It's some time after the original film, and Cruella (Close) has been cured (by Dr Pavlov, no less) of her intense hatred for cute little puppies. So she is released into the community, under the watchful (and suspicious) eye of parole officer Chloe (Evans). Now devoted to dogs and good causes, she is delighted to find that Chloe has a dalmatian family and connections with a dog charity.

But it isn't long before something goes wrong with the treatment((mdash))and suddenly the old Cruella is back, nastier (and greedier) than ever. It's time to go on the hunt for her dalmatian coat((mdash))and this time, she wants one with a solid white hood...

102 Dalmations is nothing new((mdash))indeed, it is for all intents and purposes a direct remake of the first film. So why are you considering coming along? Well, it's one of two reasons. Either you want to see the cute little puppies, or you need to get the kids off your back for a while. In these cases you'll be perfectly happy with the film. If you're looking for something that has a little more than that, there are some far superior children's films showing this semester. But then again, the puppies ARE really cute.

Pedr Cain