Film Screening 31st May, 2001

Poster for Titus


8:00 PM, 31st May, 2001

  • R
  • 162 mins
  • 1999
  • Julie Taymor
  • Julie Taymor, William Shakespeare
  • Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange

Titus Andronicus is a general of Rome who returns victorious with captives: Tamora, queen of the Goths, and her sons, one of whom Titus has executed. Titus is offered the position of emperor of Rome, but declines, leaving the position to Saturninus instead. Saturnius marries Tamora, giving her the power she needs to get revenge on Titus for the murder of her son. What follows is an incredibly brutal and shocking story of murder, rape, amputations, and more.

Anthony Hopkins is brilliant as the lead character of Titus Andronicus. Jessica Lange is also good as Tamora. But the real star is the setting. Many of Shakespeare's plays have been updated recently to give new life to a well-known story, but director Julie Taymor has made a truly amazing world in which to set her story, one that fits in perfectly with the action.

Brad Hoff