Film Screening 20th July, 2004

Poster for One Perfect Day

One Perfect Day 

8:00 PM, 20th July, 2004

  • M
  • 106 mins
  • 2004
  • Paul Currie
  • Paul Currie, Chip Richards
  • Dan Spielman, Leeanna Walsman, Kerry Armstrong

One Perfect Day examines the electronic music culture of Melbourne. The movie is an audio feast - in fact, one might almost be excused for thinking that this isn't a movie at all, but an extended video clip. Which isn't a bad thing.

The movie is told through the eyes... erm... ears of Tommy (Spielman), a classical music enthusiast who is trying to compose his own operatic song. He travels to Melbourne where his sister has died of an overdose while out partying with his girlfriend, Alysse (Walsman). This, obviously, puts a strain on the relationship... especially when Alysse's involvement in the tragedy is revealed. Tommy immerses himself in the dance culture of Melbourne and starts to construct his song - a combination of classical and electronic music.

One Perfect Day makes extensive use of rave scenes - the footage of which was taken at actual raves. This gives these scenes an air of authenticity. However, it does seem a little bit hypocritical when a movie that is obviously anti-drugs utilises the energy of people who are most likely on drugs themselves!

Brad Hoff