Film Screening 9th September, 2004

Poster for Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia 

8:00 PM, 9th September, 2004

  • PG
  • 215 mins
  • 1962
  • David Lean
  • Robert Bolt, Michael Wilson
  • Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins, Claude Rains, Arthur Kennedy

Lawrence of Arabia is a classic film of truly epic proportions. Though ostensibly an historical epic set in WWI, Lawrence of Arabia has more in common with Greek tragedy than a conventional war movie. It follows the activities of T. E. Lawrence, an officer of the British army with a keen interest in the Arab world. An eccentric man, Lawrence is irreverent of the establishment and full of naive hubris. This delightful cocktail ensures that when Lawrence is ordered to 'assess the Arab element' he quickly turns from observer to instigator, intent on removing the restrictive chains of command and becoming his own master - but can he succeed? Developing a Messiah Complex, Lawrence loses all sense of perspective, allegiance and identity. Playing Lawrence in his debut role, actor Peter O'Toole delivers the finest performance of his life.

With magnificent desert landscapes, a superb score and faultless troupe of actors, Lawrence of Arabia delivers in every department. One of the last films to be shot on 70mm film, watching it on the 'big screen' is meant to be a completely different experience than on a TV. Do not miss this miracle of a film.

Andrew Nichols