Film Screening 26th July, 2005

Poster for Hating Alison Ashley

Hating Alison Ashley 

8:00 PM, 26th July, 2005

  • PG
  • 100 mins
  • 2005
  • Geoff Bennett
  • Chris Anastassiades, Christine Madafferi
  • Delta Goodrem, Saskia Burmeister, Jean Kittson, Richard Carter

This is the film adaptation of Robin Klein's novel of the same name. It focuses on the life of Erica Yurken (Burmeister), an ambitious loner who is ashamed of her school, family, and name. Her greatest comfort lies in the act of diagnosing herself with life-threatening illnesses and inventing a mixture of other glamorous lies. Then suddenly her world is given a good shaking with the arrival of a new girl at Barringa East: Alison Ashley (Goodrem). Alison is tall, blonde, smart, and only eats healthy food. At first it appears she may be potential best-friend material, but awe soon turns to abhorrence as Erica becomes sickened by the new girl's perfection, and fears she may steal the lead in the upcoming school play.
The film differs from a conventional teen movie by providing a strong 80's feel, and a definite Aussie backdrop. It manages to supply a few laughs and pushes the message that family is best and that people aren't always what they seem.

Fiona Semmens