Film Screening 2nd October, 2005

Poster for Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted 

3:00 PM, 2nd October, 2005

  • PG
  • 96 mins
  • 2004
  • Tommy O'Haver
  • Laurie Craig, Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith, Jennifer Heath, Michele J. Wolff
  • Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes, Joanna Lumley, Minnie Driver, Eric Idle

In its never-ending search for the truth in fairytales, Hollywood has adapted Cinderella once again. But this version has a twist, which makes the story finally make sense. I had always wondered why Cinderella stayed with her horrible family for so long and this movie suggests an interesting explanation for this. Based on the book by Gail Carson Levine, Ella Enchanted (our new Cinderella) is given the 'gift' of obedience while in her cradle; she then has to follow all instructions. She is ordered by her dying mother not to tell anyone, but the movie's 'baddies' find out anyway. To free herself from this curse, Ella sets off to find her fairy godmother to demand that she takes back her 'gift'.
In the spirit of Shrek, this fairytale is catapulted into the 21st century with major kick ass, matrix fighting scenes and stereotypes of fairytale creatures being turned upside down. It offers everything a modern fairytale can offer a modern child. Political correctness, smart quirky heroes, and dance numbers. As for the truth behind why Cinderella had to leave the ball at midnight-well you'll just have to watch the movie to find out.

Erica Whittaker