Film Screening 14th October, 2005

Poster for Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four 

8:00 PM, 14th October, 2005
No Guests

  • PG
  • 105 mins
  • 2005
  • Tim Story
  • Michael France, Mark Frost
  • Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans

I remember the Fantastic Four as a Saturday morning cartoon. Admittedly I wasn't alive when the Fantastic Four were first released but I did catch the re-runs!

Four people are hit by a serious case of cosmic rays when an experiment goes wrong on the International Space Station ($12 billion later and it's finally finished!). The rays change them and give them super powers. Reed Richards gets the ability to stretch his body and also gets a case of the superego when he calls himself 'Mr. Fantastic'. His girlfriend, who must be happy about her boyfriends new...length, gets the ability to turn invisible and create force fields. Her younger brother gets the ability to turn into a human flame. And the pilot turns into a super-strong rock thing, and aptly calls himself the 'The Thing'. Together, as the Fantastic Four, they use their powers to stop Doctor Victor von Doom (where are these people getting their doctorates? Is their some kind of mad genius university I wasn't told about when I applied to university?)

This movie should be a fun night with lots of explosion and cheesy one-liners. Another film that won't be winning awards but will certainly be entertaining.

Joel Nation

Poster for The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror 

10:00 PM, 14th October, 2005

  • MA
  • 86 mins
  • 2005
  • Andrew Douglas
  • Scott Kosar
  • Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Jesse James, Jimmy Bennett

The Amityville Horror is director Andrew Douglas's remake of the 70s horror classic. George and Kathy Lutz (Reynolds and George) buy a large wooden house on the water at Long Island for a bargain. The previous owners, the DeFeos, had been murdered by their son, but Kathy is delighted with the chance to house her brood of children by a previous marriage. Shortly after they move in, demonic forces begin to oppress them, with a particular focus on George, who quickly deteriorates into a withdrawn and angry wreck. Kathy seeks help from Father Calloway (Philip Baker Hall), the neighbourhood priest who had ministered to the previous owners. When Father Calloway fails to cleanse house of the unclean spirits with a blessing, the demonic presences grow bolder and start to incite murder-
The Amityville Horror contains no real surprises. Several scenes utilise humour, but unfortunately Ryan Reynold's great comedic talent (so evident in Blade III) is not really exploited. Rachel Nichols steals the show as Lisa, the baby sitter, who she plays as a vacuous and irresponsible stoner. OK entertainment, The Amityville Horror offers little insight into the crucial question - how do you respond to people you think are demons?

Phillip Hilton