Film Screening 22nd April, 2006

Poster for Alf, Bill and Fred

Alf, Bill and Fred 

8:00 PM, 22nd April, 2006

  • G
  • 7 mins
  • 1964
  • Bob Godfrey
  • Stan Hayward

Poster for What the Bleep Do We Know?

What the Bleep Do We Know? 

8:00 PM, 22nd April, 2006

  • M
  • 109 mins
  • 2004
  • William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente
  • William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Matthew Hoffman, Mark Vicente
  • Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, Barry Newman, Robert Bailey Jr.

Copernicus said: To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.'This part documentary, part animation, part sci-fi drama bedazzles the mind by deconstructing the foundations of our everyday beliefs. Reality is redefined. Gone is the linear, tangible world neatly framed in time and space that we know and love so much. Instead, we are thrust into a chaotic quantum field, where thoughts are seeds and reality the harvest of our imaginations.Marlee Matlin plays the sceptical Amanda, who finds her uninspired, mundane, modern life confronted by intuitive beings who set about unravelling the mysteries of existence. She finds herself propelled into a multiplex reality where every being is connected, every thought has creative potential and every intent has effect. Her experience transforms her from a victim of circumstance into an intuitive, creative being in control of her destiny.What the Bleep Do We Know? asks the hard existential questions and then sets about answering them. It explores a new frontier where science finally acknowledges the truths of mysticism. This paradoxical film is thought-provoking, entertaining, inspiring and empowering. You walk away with a glimpse of an alternate reality - far less frantic and ferocious than our current one - and it could be only a thought away.Albert Einstein said: 'The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.' Maybe it is time to think again!

Nandhini Nagaratnam

Poster for Ordet (The Word)

Ordet (The Word) 

9:50 PM, 22nd April, 2006

  • PG
  • 126 mins
  • 1955
  • Carl Theodor Dreyer
  • Carl Theodor Dreyer
  • Cay Kristiansen, Gerda Nielsen, Henrik Malberg, Emil Hass Christensen

Ordet ("The Word" in English) is based on a play written by the Danish playwright and Lutheran reverend Kaj Munk. It is set on a 20th century Danish farm where three brothers live. Each has very different religious beliefs, ranging from the agnostic Mikkel to Johannes who has lost his mind and believes himself to be the reborn Jesus Christ. The third brother, Anders, is in love with a girl he cannot marry because he does not belong to the same Christian sect that she does. In this movie there are spiritual dimensions to "the real world" that affect the development of the story. Mikkels wife Inger is given a much more pronounced role in the movie than in the original play. She is portrayed as an ideal Christian and a strong good force that supports everyone around her. Many people claim that the end of the movie is predictable. I guess I have to agree with that, but in a movie like this, that is beside the point. The end is warm and beautiful and you just might leave with a big smile on your face.

Fredrik B├╝low