Film Screening 18th May, 2007

Poster for The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd 

8:00 PM, 18th May, 2007

  • M
  • 167 mins
  • 2006
  • Robert De Niro
  • Eric Roth
  • Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro

This rare directorial effort from Robert De Niro tells a fictionalised version of the creation of the CIA through the life of one of its founders, Edward Wilson (Damon). Wilson was a member of the Office of Strategic Services (more or less the predecessor of the CIA) whose ideals gave way to suspicion and cold war paranoia over the course of his career. As his suspicion and paranoia grew, his morals slid. He became a respected veteran operative, but lost nearly everything else he had in the process - his family included.The Good Shepherd is a movie that will probably leave you with more questions than answers, but will certainly get you thinking. The questions it raises are made even more pertinent by the modern political climate and apparently ambiguous morals of intelligence agencies throughout the world today.

Adam Gould

Poster for World Trade Center

World Trade Center 

11:47 PM, 18th May, 2007

  • PG
  • 125 mins
  • 2006
  • Oliver Stone
  • Andrea Berloff
  • Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Stephen Dorff and Jay Hernandez

Based on the true story of two Port Authority Police Officers John McLoughlin (Cage) and William J. Jimeno (Peña) trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001, this film has been criticised for being too emotional, too soon after the event (much like United 93). From my point of view, I found the film incredibly emotional, but definitely worth seeing. I truly felt for the wives waiting to hear whether their husbands were alive or not. I rarely cry during films, and found myself tearing up as the wives struggled to come to terms with the fact that their husbands may not return.Some reviews have indicated that the film lacks emotion, but I didnt feel that way (obviously!). In contrast, many of the reviews I have read think that the film had the appropriate amount of emotion, and dealt with a difficult story line with respect for those personally touched by the tragedy. This is an important story, and one that should be shared. '

Raechel Johns