Film Screening 17th August, 2007

Poster for Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule 

8:00 PM, 17th August, 2007
No Guests

  • M
  • 112 mins
  • 2007
  • Garry Marshall
  • Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman, Dermot Mulroney

When Rachel (Lohan - method acting?) has one car-crash too many, she is dragged by her alcoholic mother (Huffman) to, of all places, Idaho, where she will now be spending the summer with her grandmother, Georgia (Fonda). Georgia lives her life to a strict set of rules - Georgia Rules, in fact - and demands that while Rachel is living with her, she do the same. From here on in its about Rachel finding her way, stirring up the town, corrupting the local virgins, clashing with (and coming to respect) her grandmother, and gob-smacking everyone around her with the revelation of a deep, dark secret involving her step-father (no kiddies to this one!). The relationships between the three women, and their respective struggles with their own personal demons, form the foundation for the film's story.

Despite all the gossip generated by her off-screen and on-set antics, Lohan has received widespread (if sometimes grudging) praise for her performance - and it's so lovely to see Jane Fonda back on screen. Written by the guy who brought us the wonderful As Good As It Gets, and directed by Pretty Woman's Garry Marshall, it seems this movie might have a few things going for it.'

Christina Zissis

Poster for Because I Said So

Because I Said So 

10:52 PM, 17th August, 2007

  • M
  • 101 mins
  • 2007
  • Michael Lehmann
  • Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht, Tom Everett Scott

Daphne Wilder (Keaton) is a single parent who has successfully raised three daughters. Having married off the two eldest already, she fears for the relationship status of her youngest, Milly (Moore), who always falls in love with the wrong guy. As the overly meddling mother, Daphne puts an ad online to find her the perfect man and even interviews prospective suitors. Among those she interviews, Daphne meets wealthy, successful architect Jason (Scott) and free-spirited guitarist Johnny (Macht), who are both keen to date Milly. Daphne has her own ideas on which man is best suited for Milly and continues interfering in Millys dating affairs.

I enjoyed this movie, and as much as Diane Keaton's acting was over the top I don't think it would have been the same without her. I appreciated the scenes with the sisters (Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo) although I felt they were underused. I was of the opinion that the sisters' relationship was ridiculously unrealistic until a friend told me that her own two sisters had told her to see the movie as they could see their own relationships reflected in the characters. I'm going to have to watch it again now to guess which one most resembles my friend. This is a light-hearted feel-good movie that should be enjoyed with friends or family - but probably not your mother. It might give her ideas!'

Jacinta Nicol