Film Screening 28th August, 2010

Poster for The Back-up Plan

The Back-up Plan 

8:00 PM, 28th August, 2010

  • M
  • 104 mins
  • Unknown
  • Alan Poul
  • Kate Angelo
  • Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin, Michaela Watkins, Eric Christian Olsen

After years of dating and never finding Mr Right, Zoe (Lopez) has decided to go it alone to become a mother. Just after leaving the artificial insemination clinic, Zoe meets Stan (O’Loughlin) and, although the timing could not be worse, they start getting to know each other. This proves awkward however, as Stan does not know Zoe’s pregnancy plan and Zoe has already enrolled in a support group for single mothers. All kinds of complications arise as Zoe and Stan try to make a go of their relationship while preparing for the huge changes that parenthood brings.

This is one of the better rom-coms that have come out of Hollywood recently. I know that might be hard to believe given the star but she works well with O’Loughlin and they have great chemistry. The film is full of light-hearted moments that will make you smile, probably more so if you’ve been through the eye-opening experience of pregnancy yourself. Impending parenthood looks terrifying (or hilarious), depending on your point of view. For me, it scared me more than any horror movie I’ve seen.

Jacinta Gould

Poster for Almost Famous

Almost Famous 

9:59 PM, 28th August, 2010

  • M
  • 123 mins
  • Unknown
  • Cameron Crowe
  • Cameron Crowe
  • Patrick Fugit, Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson

Come on down to the ANU Film Group and help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical cult classic, Almost Famous! The film is based on Crowe’s own experiences as a teenage writer for “Rolling Stone” magazine when he toured with rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and The Allman Brothers. Almost Famous was nominated for 2 Academy Awards and won 2 Golden Globe Awards – Best Picture and Best Actress for Kate Hudson.

Set in 1973, the film follows 15 year old William Miller (Fugit), who is desperate to share his love of music by becoming a music journalist, shunning his fellow classmates and writing for underground San Diego newspapers. However, when he sends copies of this work to rock journalist Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Bangs offers William a paid assignment. William soon encounters a band named ‘Stillwater’, with lead guitarist Russell Hammond (Crudup) and head-groupie Penny Lane (Hudson). He decides to accompany them on their tour. One of the film’s best assets is its soundtrack, including classic tracks such as Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” and Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”.

Majella Carmody