Film Screening 30th June, 2012

Poster for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax 

6:00 PM, 30th June, 2012
No Guests

  • G
  • 86 mins
  • 2011
  • Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda
  • Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul
  • (Voices) Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Betty White, Danny DeVito

OK - if you think any Dr Seuss movie feature won't be suitable for over-5s, think again. I thought Hollywood animators did a pretty good job with Horton Hears a Who a few years back. In fact, it was a real Whoot with lots of gags for all ages plus superb animation to boot. The Lorax is similarly delightful, produced by the same studio which did such a wonderful job with Despicable Me.

The book of "The Lorax" is a simple yet powerful story about the consequences of messing with our environment: in this case chopping down forests of Truffula trees to near extinction. Dr Seuss was never just about teaching kids to read and rhyme. He had his subversive streak, not that everyone always noticed amongst the hops, pops, foxes and soxes.

The film introduces a new backstory and characters that interweave with the original tale. But don't be a purist and stress about it: the movie retains the book's strong message, if not more so, to show our world has got more dour and dire in its rush for greed and empire. The new characters also bring opportunity for more fun and mayhem. Most importantly, the Lorax remains his small, grumpy, moustachioed self - and who better to voice him than a small, grumpy, sorta hairy actor like Danny DeVito.

So go. Go now! See this movie.

Weep or laugh - it's a doozey.

John Vranjic

Poster for American Reunion

American Reunion 

8:00 PM, 30th June, 2012

  • MA
  • 113 mins
  • 2012
  • Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
  • Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
  • Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas

The original American Pie was released in 1999, a year before my high school graduation. As such, I am guilty of watching the original on more than a few occasions, and succumbing to the sequel a few years later. I will even admit to watching the third movie out of some sense of obligation. The rest of the knock offs, however, I managed to hold myself back from.

American Reunion has managed to reunite (pardon the pun) pretty much the entire original cast and by now one knows about what to expect from this franchise: plenty of crude humour, with enough touching moments to keep it palatable. As the title suggests, this instalment revolves around the dreaded ten year high school reunion, where one realises people are still pretty much the same no matter how much things have changed, and high school really should stay in high school.

I didn't expect to be wowed, but I did come away surprisingly amused, and, as the American Pie series has pretty much followed the same timetable as my actual life, a little squeamish from a few topics that hit a little too close to home. So come and watch other people go through what is certainly one of the most cringe-worthy events in one's life, and try and decide which you fall into — Camp A: Out to prove just how much you have changed and moved on, or Camp B: Hoping to recapture past glories. After all, you only go to high school once but you have the rest of your life to recover from it.

Gemma Ruddick