Film Screening 14th September, 2013

Poster for The Sound Of Music

The Sound Of Music 

7:00 PM, 14th September, 2013

  • G
  • 170 mins
  • 1965
  • Robert Wise
  • Ernest Lehman
  • Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn

How do you solve a problem like Maria when she whistles, sings and dances on the hills? And is late for everything except for meals? All Maria wants is to be called a nun but the other nuns call her a flibbertijibbet, a will-o’-the-wisp and a clown. So when the opportunity arises for her to become governess to the children of a widowed Naval Captain, Maria is strongly encouraged to go along.

Upon arriving in her new abode, Maria discovers that Captain Georg von Trapp runs a tight ship at home. He and his seven children lead a very dull and regimented life. Much as this is quite a shock to the free-spirited Maria, Maria is also quite a shock to the von Trapps. Her playfulness, songs and warmth soon endear her to the children. And even the uptight Captain finds himself warming to her charms. This fuels the jealousy of Baroness Elsa Schraeder who sees herself as the next Mrs von Trapp. And so this musical classic takes us on a journey as Maria discovers the mother and the woman in herself and as the family von Trapp deals with the trials of the Nazi Third Reich in Austria.

Brilliant performances and music and lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein make this a must see for all age groups.

Nandhi Nagar