Film Screening 13th October, 2015

Poster for Bloody Good Headline (Short Film)

Bloody Good Headline (Short Film) 

7:30 PM, 13th October, 2015

  • NR
  • 14 mins
  • 2014
  • Tom Burke, Paul Quinn
  • Paul Quinn

This screening of Bloody Good Headline is proudly presented by the Embassy of Ireland

This award-winning short film explores the anonymous identities of some of Dublin’s rush hour newspaper sellers, inviting the audience to see, hear, and identify with the dehumanised figures that blend into the Irish capital’s cityscape. The film provides a fascinating insight into the socio-economic circumstances of the newspaper sellers who navigate demanding and demeaning situations everyday for very little economic reward.

Poster for Noble


7:44 PM, 13th October, 2015

  • M
  • 101 mins
  • 2014
  • Stephen Bradley
  • Stephen Bradley
  • Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Brendan Coyle, Ruth Negga

This screening of Noble is proudly presented by the Embassy of Ireland

There is something special about Irish people. They have a long and sometimes sad history (potato famine, emigration, religious conflict, independence from the British) and a strong culture – think of their writers (Joyce, Yeats, Beckett to name a few), their music (from the traditional to the modern) and their films. Philomena, Calvary and Jimmy’s Hall are just three recent examples that screened at the ANU Film Group.

This is another one that will stay with me too.

Christina Noble is one of those people who make the world a better place. Noble has overcome many setbacks in her life. At the age of ten, her mother died. She and her siblings were placed in separate orphanages because her alcoholic father could not look after them. She was dishonestly told that her siblings had died. She lived rough in Dublin, and became pregnant after a gang rape. Her baby boy was then cruelly taken for adoption against her will. She married and had three more children, but was the victim of domestic abuse.

Despite all this, she remained a devout Catholic. During the Vietnam War, she had recurring dreams about child victims. In 1989, she visited Vietnam to care for abused and homeless children. This inspirational film shows how Christina rose above life experiences which would have defeated many, to establish the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and help the lives of so many. It may seem incredible, but this is all true.

Noble has won many Audience Awards at film festivals around the world. Come along to find out why, and be moved and inspired by this wonderful film.

Brett Yeats