Film Screening 30th July, 2017

Poster for Wonder Woman (Free Re-Screening)

Wonder Woman (Free Re-Screening) 

7:00 PM, 30th July, 2017

  • M
  • 141 mins
  • 2017

Diana (Gadot) is an Amazon princess, living on the sheltered island paradise of Themyscira and being trained to be the ultimate warrior. When American pilot Steve Trevor (Pine) crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana becomes convinced the war is the work of Ares, the God of War, and that she is the only one who can stop the threat.

Watching Wonder Woman (who is never actually referred to as such) be a true badass was a joy. Gadot’s athleticism makes her a truly believable superhero, but it’s her heart, her ability to care for others, and her hope for the good of the human race that makes her a true hero. There are plenty of light-hearted moments too – as Diana discovers many ‘cultural’ differences in the modern world – that provide balance to the heavier tone of the war scenes.

It is wonderful that we finally have a female-led superhero movie – and one that is actually good. My two girls’ eyes light up at the mere mention of Wonder Woman, so it’s unfortunate that they are still too young to watch this movie.

Jacinta Gould