Film Screening 23rd July, 2018

Poster for Ocean’s 8 (Free Screening)

Ocean’s 8 (Free Screening) 

7:30 PM, 23rd July, 2018

  • M
  • 110 mins
  • 2018

I have bad news for fans of the previous three Ocean’s films – Danny Ocean has died. The good news though, is little sister Debbie Ocean (Bullock) is ready to continue in his footsteps. She’s just spent the last five years in the clink, planning the perfect heist, with a bit of revenge against the ratting ex-boyfriend (Richard Armitage) thrown in. Her target is nothing less than a $150 million Cartier necklace, to be lifted straight from under everyone’s noses at the Met Gala ball.

While Ocean’s 8 doesn’t break any new ground for a heist flick, it does have everything you’d hope for from one. There’s the gathering of an eclectic and specialised crew to pull off an impossible task, technowiz and technobabble, stings and twists, sly humour, and plenty of adrenaline.

On top of that you get a stunning female cast, including Sandra Bullock and Cate “she-of-the-cheekbones-to-die-for” Blanchett. There’s also lots of glitz and glamour, complete with celebrity cameos and the most gorgeous high-end fashion and eye-piercing bling you could ever possibly want in a film. All up, it’s a worthy addition to the franchise and you’re bound to have as much fun as the cast obviously had making it.

Iris Lowe