Film Screening 6th August, 2018

Poster for Foxtrot


7:30 PM, 6th August, 2018

  • MA
  • 113 mins
  • 2017

Foxtrot is an Israeli film that examines grief, family trauma, war, boredom in the line of duty, and the dangers of narrow-sightedness. Beginning with a knock on the door from some soldiers, Michael (Ashkenazi) and Dafna (Adler) are informed that their son has been killed in the line of duty.

The story is told in three parts: the first being the news coming to the parents, the second dealing with what happened to their son on his deployment at the border, and the third part returning focus to the family as they deal with the aftermath of it all.

From the get-go, the soldier’s almost comical sense of routine and automation is juxtaposed with the very real and raw responses of the parents. Director Samuel Maoz uses surrealism, sublime imagery, and a firm hand on the directorial wheel, to elucidate a tale of deep sorrow and frustration that hits the audience hard. Foxtrot is a film full of surprises and creativity, as well as a deft dissection of war that will stay with you even after you leave the theatre.

Joshua Paul