Film Screening 18th October, 2018

Poster for Occupation


7:30 PM, 18th October, 2018

  • M
  • 119 mins
  • 2018

Worlds collide in this Aussie sci-fi survival actioner. When a father (Morrison) takes his children to a small-town footy game, the last thing they expect is to find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion. Sadly, the aliens have no respect for the referee’s whistle, and attack the town ferociously.

It soon transpires that the rest of the world suffered an even worse fate, as the townspeople discover they are among the last remaining survivors on the planet. Now it’s up to our local heroes, and a plucky band of misfits, to stage a rebellion against the powerful extra-terrestrial occupiers.

Shot in Murwillumbah in north-eastern New South Wales, featuring specials effects, stunts, and a stellar cast of Aussie and Kiwi actors, this tale of home-grown heroes standing up for their right to survive promises thrills, scares and delight all around. Imagine a cross between Red Dawn, Green Harvest and Blue World Order and you’re halfway there – I’m surprised the filmmakers didn’t think of a colour theme for the title.

Stephen Mann