Film Screening 5th April, 2019

Poster for Fahrenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9 

7:30 PM, 5th April, 2019

  • M
  • 128 mins
  • 2018
  • Michael Moore

On November 9, 2016, as the world watched on, irreverent reality television personality and not-so-ethical businessman Donald Trump’s presidential win was announced.

In his well-established style, veteran documentary filmmaker Michael Moore makes us laugh, cry, and watch with mouths agape, as he exposes social and political injustice. For his follow-up to the controversial 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore travels across the country, interviewing Americans and assessing the social, economic and political impact of Trump's victory.

Holding a mirror up to contemporary American politics, and demanding accountability, Fahrenheit 11/9 is clever and thought-provoking while simultaneously hilarious and downright terrifying.

Poster for American Animals

American Animals 

9:48 PM, 5th April, 2019

  • MA
  • 117 mins
  • 2018
  • Bart Layton
  • Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, Jared Abrahamson

A true-story heist movie about four middle-class college students who, through boredom and other misguided motivations, plot to steal rare books from a Kentucky university collection.

The film includes the actual participants of the heist in the movie, either through interviews or coming into the dramatized scenes in a surreal manner. However, the focus is very much on the actors and narrative, and the heist itself recalls the tension of great movies like Ocean’s 11.

Watch out for Ann “Aunt Lydia” Dowd (from TV’s The Handmaid’s Tale) in a small role as the custodian librarian.