Film Screening 27th February, 2021

Poster for The Croods: A New Age

The Croods: A New Age 

5:00 PM, 27th February, 2021
No Guests

  • PG
  • 95 mins
  • 2020
  • Joel Crawford
  • Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Peter Dinklage

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This sequel to the Oscar-nominated 2013 animated comedy once again follows everyone’s favourite prehistoric family, The Croods, who have survived their fair share of dangers and disasters, but now face something that will make them reconsider everything they hold true: another family.

In need of a new place to live, the Croods sets off into world in search of a safer place to call home. When they discover an idyllic walled-in paradise that meets all their needs, they believe their problems are solved. There’s just one tiny problem: another family already lives there.

The Bettermans (as their name may imply) seem to be better than the Croods in every way. A couple of steps higher up on the evolutionary ladder, they live in an elaborate tree house, with amazing inventions and irrigated acres of fresh produce. But when a new threat propels both families on an epic adventure, they are forced to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other and forge a future together.