Film Screening 6th December, 2023

Hungarian Film Festival: Aurora Borealis: Northern Light (Aurora Borealis: Északi fény) 

7:30 PM, 6th December, 2023

  • TBC
  • 104 mins
  • 2017
  • Márta Mészáros
  • Mari Törőcsik, Ildikó Tóth, Franciska Töröcsik, József Wunderlich

Immerse yourself in Hungarian cinema with the second Hungarian Film Festival at the ANU Film Group, featuring three films never before seen on the big screen in Australia. All screenings are FREE with no membership required. Presented by the Embassy of Hungary.

After her elderly mother (Mari Törõcsik) falls into a coma, Olga (Ildikó Tóth), a successful lawyer working in Vienna returns, home to Hungary to care for her. She soon discovers a dark family secret that leads her to believe that everything she has been told about her family's past has been a lie. From famed Hungarian director Márta Mészáros.