Film Screening 22nd February, 2024

One Life 

7:30 PM, 22nd February, 2024

  • PG
  • 109 mins
  • 2023
  • James Hawes
  • Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Flynn, Jonathan Pryce, Helena Bonham Carter

In 1938, London stockbroker Nicholas Winton (Johnny Flynn) visits Prague, where he encounters many families who fled the rise of the Nazis in Europe. Horrified by their poor living conditions, Winton takes it upon himself to help them. With the threat of a further Nazi invasion ever looming, he must race against time to raise funds, overcome bureaucratic hurdles and find them a new home. But how many people could he possibly liberate?

Fifty years later, in 1988, an older Winton (Anthony Hopkins) rediscovers an old scrapbook and finds himself haunted by those he wasn’t able to help. That is, until the public learns about his unsung endeavours in the most extraordinary way…

A heartwarming tribute to the power of ordinary people, elevated by Hopkins in superb form, this remarkable story is one you won’t forget anytime soon.