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May 2017

Suggest Films for Semester Two + What's On This Week

16th May, 2017

Get acquainted at the ANU Film Group this week with an Estonian fencer, the power of Disney films, a computer virus gone rogue, a red turtle and a forbidden romance. Plus, join us for another Phoenix quiz night on Tuesday 23 May and let us know what films you’d like to see on our Semester Two programme!

• Tue 16 May @ 7:30 PM: THE FENCER

Fleeing from the Russian secret police because of his controversial past, a young Estonian fencer is forced to return to his homeland, where he begins to train a group of young children in the art of fencing – until his past catches up with him and he is forced to make an impossible choice.

** Presented in partnership with the Embassy of Finland **

• Fri 19 May @ 7:30 PM: LIFE, ANIMATED + ZERO DAYS

The Oscar-nominated documentary LIFE, ANIMATED tells the extraordinary true story of Owen Suskin. Developing autism at the age of three, Owen retreats into silence until his parents discover a way for him to interact with the world: through animated Disney films.

Then, in ZERO DAYS (at approx. 9:15 PM), the United States and Israel collaborate on a self-replicating computer virus to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility. This ultimately opens a Pandora’s Box when it spreads beyond its intended target and into cyberspace.

• Sat 20 May @ *5 PM**: THE RED TURTLE

Set adrift by a storm, a man finds himself stranded on a deserted tropical island, where his attempts to build a raft and leave the island are continually thwarted by a giant red turtle. This Studio Ghibli co-production features no dialogue, and was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at this year’s Oscars.

• Sat 20 May @ **7 PM**: A UNITED KINGDOM

In 1948, an African prince (David Oyelowo) meets and falls in love with a London office worker (Rosamund Pike). But their interracial relationship is not approved of by either of their families, nor by the British and South African governments, which puts their lives into political and diplomatic turmoil.

** Presented in partnership with the High Commission of the Republic of Botswana **


Another month, another night of Film Group trivia at the Phoenix Pub. Be sure to come along and join us for a fun evening of casual trivia, fun, games, and prizes – including free drinks – hosted by the ANU Film Group!

DATE: Tuesday 23 May, 2017
TIME: 6:30 PM start (note the earlier start time)
VENUE: The Phoenix Pub, 21 East Row (in the Civic Bus Interchange, near Platform 3)

Entry is free, and everyone (non-members included) is welcome to participate!


What films would you like to see on our Semester Two, 2017 programme? Would you like to see more superheroes, sequels or subtitles? Or perhaps you’re into drama, documentaries or dumb comedies?

The choice is yours – so let us know your suggestions for new or old films to screen next semester by going to

Suggestions will close on SATURDAY 3 JUNE at 11:59 PM. Printed forms are also available on request from the Duty Manager at screenings.

What's On This Week + ANUFG Fundraising Initiatives

11th May, 2017

This week, you can attend a wedding nobody wants you to be at, travel to 15th century Japan in search of Liam Neeson, switch bodies with a stranger of the opposite sex, go on the run from Godzilla – or do all of the above – on the big screen at the ANU Film Group!

• Thu 11 May @ 7:30 PM: TABLE 19

Having been dumped by the best man just before her oldest friend gets married, ex-maid of honour Eloise (Anna Kendrick) decides to attend the wedding anyway – only to find herself seated with five other unwanted guests. Much to her surprise, Eloise finds herself learning a thing or two from her fellow strangers.

** Note: TABLE 19 replaces the originally scheduled film, THE WALL, which is no longer available due to a release date change **

• Fri 12 May @ 7:30 PM: SILENCE

Two Christian missionaries (Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver) face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to feudal Japan in the 15th century in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) – at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

• Sat 13 May @ **7 PM**: YOUR NAME + SHIN GODZILLA

The most successful anime film in history, the highly acclaimed YOUR NAME tells the story of two high schoolers living completely different lives – until one night they discover that they have switched places. The two strangers must then cope with the bizarre occurrence happening randomly and without warning.

Then, in SHIN GODZILLA (at approx. 9 PM), the King of Monsters returns to his roots with this Japanese reboot of the long-running franchise, in which humanity’s worst nightmare comes to life when a massive monster emerges from the deep and embarks on a rampage throughout Tokyo.


As most of you know, the ANU Film Group is run purely by volunteers contributing their own time and effort to the operation of Australia’s largest film society. All of our membership fees go directly back into the running of the not-for-profit group, but every little extra bit helps, which is why we also run fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

One that has been ongoing for just over a year is our partnership with the Canberra Southern Cross Club, whereby CSCC members can choose to nominate the ANUFG as their community group of choice. In turn, the CSCC donates 10% of what that member spends on food and beverage at the club to that group. So you get to enjoy great food, and we get a contribution each time you spend!

Nominating us is really simple – all you have to do is CLICK HERE or speak to reception at any CSCC venue. And to find out more about the CSCC’s great Community Rewards program, go to

Another initiative we have been running for a while are the Entertainment Books. Each year, the Entertainment Books offer over $20,000 worth of offers on the best local restaurants, cafés, shopping, attractions, travel, accommodation and more – all for just $60. You can even buy an Entertainment Digital Membership to access all of the same great offers from your mobile device.

The best part is that 20% of the cost of each book purchased through us goes towards our fundraising efforts. To order yours now, simply go to Or if you’d like to preview all of the valuable offers available through the Entertainment Book, CLICK HERE.

So if you’re a CSCC member or love a bargain, be sure to look into these great initiatives – and support the ANUFG while you’re at it too. Thanks in advance! ☺


2nd May, 2017

Pinch and punch your way into the new month of May with a block-busting week of screenings – featuring superheroes galore, cyborg Scarlett Johansson, a terrifying horror film, an acclaimed Israeli drama, and our exclusive Canberra premiere screening of a new sci-fi romance starring Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson and Gary Oldman!

• Tue 2 May @ 7:30 PM: SAND STORM

In this acclaimed Israeli drama, when events transpire that cause their carefully constructed lives to shatter, two Bedouin women must struggle to change the way they live their lives in order to survive the battle, each in their own individual way.

• Thu 4 May @ 7:30 PM: THE SPACE BETWEEN US

See this romantic sci-fi drama only at the ANU Film Group in our exclusive Canberra premiere screening!

In the near future, a pregnant astronaut dies while giving birth to her son, the first person to be born on Mars. Sixteen years later, Gardner (Asa Butterfield) yearns to return to Earth, and begins an online friendship with a street-smart girl (Britt Robertson) from Colorado. When he finally gets the opportunity to visit Earth, he embarks on an epic journey to visit the home he has never known.


In GHOST IN THE SHELL, a unique human-cyborg hybrid (Scarlett Johansson) leads an elite task force devoted to stopping the most dangerous cyber criminals and extremists. They soon find themselves facing a new enemy who will stop at nothing to sabotage the world of artificial intelligence.

Then, in THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (at approx. 9:30 PM), a father and son duo of coroners receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to identify the beautiful young 'Jane Doe', they discover increasingly bizarre clues that hold the key to her terrifying secrets.

• Sat 6 May @ **5 PM**: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE

As Batman contends with Gotham City once again coming under attack from his rogue’s gallery of criminals, he unexpectedly finds himself discovering the importance of teamwork and friendship when the young boy he accidentally adopted wishes to become his sidekick.

• Sat 6 May @ **7 PM**: LOGAN

Hugh Jackman puts on his claws for the last time as a weary Logan, caring for an ailing Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) as they hide out on the Mexican border. Despite both of their abilities failing, they embark on one final mission to track down a young girl who may hold the key to the future of mutants.


April 2017

What's On This Week: TRAINSPOTTING 2, MISS SLOANE, LIFE and more

27th April, 2017

The week may be a short one, but there’s nothing short about the selection on offer at the Film Group this week. If you like true crime stories, you won't want to miss the shocking true tale of Argentina’s notorious Puccio family in THE CLAN on Thursday. For a far more entertaining look at American politics than reality, look no further than our Friday night double of MISS SLOANE and SOUTHSIDE BY YOU. And on Saturday, choose life and catch up with Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie 20 years on in the TRAINSPOTTING sequel, and then explore extra-terrestrial life forms in space with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in LIFE.

• Thu 27 Apr @ 7:30 PM: THE CLAN

The Puccio family lives in a typical family home in a quiet neighbourhood of Argentina in the 1980s. But under their seemingly ordinary façade lurks a dark secret: behind closed doors, they make their living off kidnapping and murder. Based on a true story.

** Presented in partnership with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic **


In the high-stakes world of political powerbrokers, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is the most sought after and formidable lobbyist in Washington. But when she takes on the most powerful opponent of her career, she discovers that winning may come at too high a price.

Then, in SOUTHSIDE BY YOU (at approx. 9:45 PM), during an eventful summer afternoon in Chicago in 1989, young law student Barack Obama tries to win the heart of Michelle Robinson, in what ends up being their first date between the eventual President and First Lady of the United States.

• Sat 29 Apr @ **7 PM**: T2: TRAINSPOTTING + LIFE

Director Danny Boyle returns for the highly-anticipated sequel to TRAINSPOTTING, in which Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) returns to Scotland to make amends with his friends – Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie – as the now-middle-aged men grapple with their past demons and present failures.

Then, in LIFE (at approx. 9 PM), a team of astronauts aboard a space station study a sample collected from Mars and discover the first evidence of extra-terrestrial life. But the lifeform quickly proves more intelligent than expected and soon proves a threat to the crew and all life on Earth.


MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, KONG, JOE CINQUE Q&A This Week + New Entertainment Books Now Available!

20th April, 2017


Sick of Easter chocolate yet? What about some treats of a different kind?

We're once again selling Entertainment Books for 2017/18, with each Book or Digital Membership packed with thousands of offers for the best local restaurants, cafés, shopping, attractions, travel, accommodation and more. For only $60, you can receive over $20,000 worth of offers for all of your favourite venues around Canberra. Plus, to top it all off, a portion of sales from each purchase through us goes towards ANU Film Group fundraising, enabling us to bring you bigger and better programmes, events and membership perks in the future.

To order yours, simply go to now! And if you’d like to preview the new Entertainment Book for 2017/18 and all of its valuable offers, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Purchased books can be made available for collection at ANUFG screenings, or by arrangement at the ANU during weekday business hours. They can also be sent directly to you for an additional postage fee.


Screenings are back in full swing with the last of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominated films, an all-star cast facing off against giant monsters, a Hitchcock classic back on the big screen, and a very special presentation of a local film based on one of Canberra’s most notorious crimes. Only at the ANU Film Group!

• Thu 20 Apr @ 7:30 PM: KONG: SKULL ISLAND

In the 1970s, a team of explorers and soldiers are brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific, unaware that they are crossing into the domain of monsters – and the home of the mythic creature known as Kong. Starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Brie Larson.


Writer-director – and ANU graduate – Sotiris Dounoukos returns home for a very special screening of his film, JOE CINQUE’S CONSOLATION.

Based on Helen Garner’s best-selling book of the same name, the film is a dramatised adaptation of controversial events in late 1997 which culminated in the untimely death of Joe Cinque at the hands of his partner, Anu Singh, an ANU law student. In addition to film festival screenings around the world and an AACTA nomination, the film is also notable for featuring locations at the ANU, including our very own Coombs Theatre. Keep an eye out – you may even spot references to the ANU Film Group itself!

JOE CINQUE’S CONSOLATION commences at 7:30 PM, with the Q&A following at approximately 9:15 PM. Dr Gino Moliterno, Senior Lecturer in Film at the ANU, will moderate the discussion.

• Sat 22 Apr @ **7 PM**: MANCHESTER BY THE SEA + ROPE

In MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, a depressed man (Casey Affleck) returns to his seaside hometown after his older brother unexpectedly passes away. But he is even more shocked to learn that he has been made the sole guardian of his young nephew. Oscar winner for Best Actor (Affleck) and Best Original Screenplay.

Then, in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 classic thriller ROPE (at approx. 9:30 PM), two arrogant young men decide to kill a friend who they consider to be inferior. They then hide his body in their apartment prior to inviting his friends and family to a dinner party as a means to challenge the perfection of their crime.


Screening Changes in May and June

18th April, 2017

Due to distributor release date changes, two of our upcoming films have had to be replaced, while another has had its start time pushed back. Please see below for more details and be sure to note down the changes on your calendar to avoid missing out!


Originally scheduled for Thursday 11 May, THE WALL is now no longer being released until August this year. In its place on the same date, we will instead be screening the ensemble romantic comedy, TABLE 19, starring Anna Kendrick, Stephen Merchant, Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson.

The film follows Eloise (Kendrick), who is relieved of her maid of honour duties at her oldest friend’s wedding after having been dumped by the best man. Deciding to hold her head up high, she attends the wedding anyway and finds herself seated with fellow unwanted guests at the dreaded Table 19. As she gets to know the fellow denizens of her table, she discovers that friendships – and even a little romance – can happen under the most unlikely circumstances.

TABLE 19 will screen on Thursday 11 May at 7:30 PM.


In addition to this, A MONSTER CALLS now no longer has a confirmed release date and is therefore unavailable for us to screen on Saturday 10 June as scheduled. In its place as the first feature that night will be MAHANA, a New Zealand drama from acclaimed director Lee Tamahori (ONCE WERE WARRIORS).

Based on the novel from the author of WHALE RIDER, the film tells the tale of two Māori sheep-shearing families off the rural East coast of New Zealand in the 1960s who are sworn enemies battling for supremacy. But when the youngest son of the Mahana family sets out to unravel the truth behind the longstanding feud, he inadvertently risks the fragile cohesion of their tight-knit society.

MAHANA will screen on Saturday 10 June at 7 PM, followed by LOVING (the night’s original second feature) at approximately 8:45 PM.


Finally, due to Disney’s new live-action version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST being lengthier than expected, the scheduled start time of QUEEN OF KATWE on Saturday 3 June has been pushed back.

Originally intended to start at 7 PM following BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at 5 PM, QUEEN OF KATWE will instead be commencing at 7:30 PM on the same date.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes and hope that you will enjoy the replacement films. We will also endeavour to screen THE WALL and A MONSTER CALLS as part of future programmes where possible.

Happy Easter + Win Tickets to THEIR FINEST!

11th April, 2017

The ANU Film Group would like to wish all of our members and guests a wonderful Easter break for this coming weekend. Due to the public holidays, there will be no screenings on the weekend, but we’ll be back in full swing next week with some big films, including KONG: SKULL ISLAND, the Oscar-winning MANCHESTER BY THE SEA and our very special Q&A screening of JOE CINQUE’S CONSOLATION!

If you’d like to partake in a bit of fun, don’t forget that we’re hosting the weekly quiz night at the Phoenix Pub in Civic TONIGHT (Tuesday 11 April). It all kicks off at 6:30 PM with free drinks, bar tabs and other assorted prizes up for grabs. Hope to see you there!

Only one screening this week, so don’t miss out on getting your Film Group fix in before all of the chocolate this weekend...

• Wed 12 Apr @ 7:30 PM: THE FOUNDER

In 1950s California, struggling salesman Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) spots a business opportunity when he visits a revolutionary new fast food restaurant owned by the McDonald brothers. As the business grows, so does Kroc’s ambition to turn McDonald's into more than just a franchise. Based on a true story.


Thanks to Transmission Films, we’ve got tickets to give away to THEIR FINEST, the new British comedy starring Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy!

With London emptied of men now fighting in WWII, Catrin Cole (Arterton) lands herself a job writing scripts for propaganda films. Her natural flair quickly gets her noticed by a movie producer, who recruits her to make a film that will warm the hearts of the nation. With bombs dropping all around them and the entire country’s morale at stake, Catrin discovers there is as much drama, comedy and passion behind the camera as there is on screen.

The latest film from director Lone Scherfig (AN EDUCATION) is in cinemas from April 20. To check out the film’s trailer, CLICK HERE!

To win one of ten in-season double passes to see THEIR FINEST in cinemas, simply reply to this message – or email – with your name, your membership number (located under the barcode on your card) and your answer to the following question: ‘If you were making a WWII propaganda film, what would its title be?’ (Hint: be creative!)

Entries close on WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL with winners to be contacted via email and prizes to be collected at future ANUFG screenings. Good luck!

What's On This Week + ANUFG Phoenix Quiz Night on Tue 11 April

5th April, 2017

The ANU's non-teaching period commences this week, so we’re down to limited screenings for the next two weeks. But there’s still plenty to catch at the Film Group, including an acclaimed Brazilian dramedy, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest hit thriller, and the tantalising next chapter in the Fifty Shades saga.

Plus, we’re back at the Phoenix Pub in Civic next Tuesday for another of their weekly quiz nights. Save the date, and find out more below!

• Thu 6 Apr @ 7:30 PM: THE SECOND MOTHER

A live-in housemaid in São Paulo, Brazil, finds her relationship with her wealthy employers thrown into disarray when her estranged teenage daughter moves into their house to apply for admission into the city’s university.

** Presented in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra **


In the next chapter of the FIFTY SHADES saga, a wounded Christian Grey convinces Anastasia Steele to resume their romance under her conditions. But as the couple finally commence a normal relationship, Christian’s past threatens to tear them apart.

Then, in SPLIT (at approx. 9 PM), three girls discover that the disturbed man who has kidnapped them has 23 different personalities. But the nightmare truly begins when his 24th personality begins to emerge. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


Another month, another night of Film Group trivia at the Phoenix Pub, which has triumphantly reopened this week after a brief closure. So come along and join us for a fun evening of casual trivia, fun, games, free drinks and prizes!

DATE: Tuesday 11 April, 2017
TIME: 6:30 PM start (note the earlier start time)
VENUE: The Phoenix Pub, 21 East Row (in the Civic Bus Interchange, near Platform 3)

Entry is free and everyone (including non-members) is welcome to join in!

Entertainment Books for 2017/18 Now Available!

1st April, 2017

Entertainment Books are packed with thousands of offers for the best local restaurants, cafés, shopping, attractions, travel, accommodation and more. For only $60, you can receive over $20,000 worth of offers for all of your favourite venues around Canberra.

Plus, to top it all off, a portion of sales from each book purchased through us goes towards ANU Film Group fundraising, enabling us to bring you bigger and better programmes, events and membership perks in the future.

You can preview the entire book of offers HERE and if you’d like to order yours right now, simply go to

Purchased books will be available for collection at ANUFG screenings, or by arrangement at the ANU during weekday business hours. They can also be sent directly to you for an additional postage fee.

For more information, contact us on 02 6247 2425 or via email at

March 2017


29th March, 2017

Those of you who have been to the Film Group lately may have noticed that some screenings have been a little bit busy. In fact, we have already had a few full house screenings this semester, and some people sadly had to be turned away at the door as a result.

We take this opportunity to remind all of our members that seating at screenings can only be guaranteed if you arrive no later than the advertised starting time. And as per our re-screening policy, a film will only be re-screened if all of the seats in the theatre are taken and a reasonable number of people are turned away prior to the film’s advertised start time.

If you anticipate a film to be a busy one, or if you have particular seating preferences, we recommend that you come along slightly earlier to avoid disappointment. But remember – doors will only open for entry 30 minutes before the start of the film, so not too early!


This week at the Film Group, we’ve got a tale of two very different Jackies (Kennedy and Chan), the true account of a Boston manhunt, director Oliver Stone’s take on Edward Snowden, and a weepy romantic drama starring real-life couple Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander (your fun fact for the week!).

• Thu 30 Mar @ 7:30 PM: PATRIOTS DAY

Tragedy strikes when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. In the aftermath, the Boston police and the FBI join forces in a race against the clock to hunt down the suspects and bring them to justice. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman and J.K. Simmons.

• Fri 31 Mar @ 7:30 PM: SNOWDEN + SKIPTRACE

In SNOWDEN, disillusioned IT contractor Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) decides to leak the classified information that the NSA has been secretly tracking all forms of digital communication. In doing so he becomes a traitor to some, a hero to others, and a fugitive from the law. Directed by Oliver Stone.

Then, in SKIPTRACE (at approx. 10 PM), a Hong Kong detective (Jackie Chan) on the trail of the notorious crime boss who killed his former partner is forced to team up with an American gambler (Johnny Knoxville) who may prove to be a key witness to the investigation.


In JACKIE, in the days immediately following her husband’s assassination, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) fights through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and define her husband’s historic legacy. Nominated for 3 Oscars, including Best Actress (Portman).

Then, in THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS (at approx. 8:45 PM), a couple (Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander) living off the coast of Western Australia rescue and adopt an infant girl adrift at sea. Years later, the couple discovers the child’s true parentage and are faced with the moral dilemma of their actions.



Thanks to Transmission Films, we’ve got tickets to give away to the upcoming comedic monster movie, COLOSSAL, starring Anne Hathaway!

In the film, Gloria (Hathaway) is a down-on-her-luck girl from New York who comes to the realisation that she is somehow connected to the giant creature that is presently destroying South Korea. As events begin to spin out of control, Gloria must determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has been intertwined with this far-off phenomenon, and ultimately, the fate of the world.

Part monster movie, part romantic comedy, this wildly imaginative film from Spanish writer-director Nacho Vigalondo (TIMECRIMES) is in cinemas from April 13. To check out the film’s trailer, CLICK HERE.

To go into the running for one of five in-season double passes to see COLOSSAL in cinemas, simply reply to this message – or email – with your name, your membership number (located under the barcode on your card) and your answer to the following question: ‘Name a monster movie screening as part of our Semester One 2017 programme.’ (Hint: feel free to be creative!)

Entries close on WEDNESDAY 5 APRIL with winners to be contacted via email and prizes to be collected at ANUFG screenings.