Latin American Film Festival at the ANU Film Group

8th August, 2018

The ANU Film Group is proud to be hosting the 14th Latin American Film Festival in 2018. It begins on Thursday 9 August with Mexico's entry – Good Day, Ramón – and screens until Monday 27 August, featuring 14 films, each presented by a different Latin American country.

All screenings are held at the Coombs theatre and are FREE for all to attend. Please note that presentation quality of the Latin American Film Festival screenings may differ from the ANU Film Group's regular screenings due to the variety of film sources (Blu-Ray, DVD, digital files) being supplied by the Embassies.

Weekday screenings commence at 7:30 PM and weekend screenings at 4 PM. Doors will open for entry half an hour before the scheduled start time. See below – or go to – for a full listing of films with their respective dates and start times:

• Thursday 9 August @ 7:30 PM – Good Day, Ramón (Guten Tag, Ramón)
Mexico, 2013, 120 mins. Director: Jorge Ramírez Suárez

The heartwarming story of a young man from a small Mexican town travels to Germany to find work, but struggles to survive on the streets until he meets Ruth, a German senior citizen with whom he develops a friendship that transcends borders and prejudices.

• Saturday 11 August @ 4 PM – Redemption (La Redención)
Paraguay, 2018, 87 mins. Director: Hérib Godoy

60 years after the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia, a former soldier discovers that he is dying from cancer. He is visited by the granddaughter of a soldier he fought alongside, and reluctantly embarks with her on a trip to unearth memories and secrets.

• Sunday 12 August @ 4 PM – Crossing a Shadow (Una Sombra al Frente)
Peru, 2007, 135 mins. Director: Augusto Tamayo San Román

A young Peruvian engineer seeks to connect the Amazon rainforest with the rest of Peru, but unexpected events take him to Europe, where he finds love and a new purpose. When he returns to Peru years later, he brings with him all that he learnt on the Old Continent.

• Monday 13 August @ 7:30 PM – 60 Km/Hr
Uruguay, 2014, 100 mins. Director: Facundo Marguery

Mario Sabah dreams of travelling the world with his children in their car. This documentary follows Mario's extraordinary journey as he follows his dream over the course of four years, and through 45 countries, without financial support or sophisticated equipment.

• Tuesday 14 August @ 7:30 PM – The Dicaprio From Corozopando (El Dicaprio de Corozopando)
Venezuela, 2017, 91 mins. Director: Luis Octavian Rahamut

The mayor of a small town in south Venezuela longs to bring recognition to his home. One night, a spirit appears and convinces him and his townspeople to place their hopes in a young child, imposing on him the task of bringing fame and fortune to their community.

• Wednesday 15 August @ 7:30 PM – The Weight of the Law (El peso de la ley)
Argentina, 2017, 101 mins. Director: Fernan Miras

Gloria is a young lawyer who risks everything she has worked for when she goes up against the justice system to defend a man accused of a rape in a small Argentinian town where no one believes his story – possibly not even Gloria.

• Saturday 18 August @ 4 PM – Gonzaga: From Father to Son (Gonzaga: De Pai pra Filho)
Brazil, 2012, 120 mins. Director: Breno Silveira

Young musician Luiz Gonzaga leaves his wife and new son behind to take his music on the road – a decision which results in a ongoing, complicated relationship with his son, who grows up to also become one of Brazil's most popular musical icons.

• Sunday 19 August @ 4 PM – Mother (Mamá)
Colombia, 2015, 80 mins. Director: Phillipe van Hissenhoven

Lonely Victoria receives an unexpected visit from her estranged daughter, asking her to take care of Nicole, her seven-year-old granddaughter, for a few days. Victoria agrees, and what follows is a life-changing experience for both grandmother and granddaughter.

• Monday 20 August @ 7:30 PM – Mirage (Espejismo)
Costa Rica, 2014, 81 mins. Director: José Miguel González Bolaños

An insecure painter finds his fragile world rocked by devastating news. Desperately seeking comfort, he is guided by his subconscious on a surreal journey through madness and illusion to overcome his childhood traumas and retake control of his life.

• Tuesday 21 August @ 7:30 PM – Benny (El Benny)
Cuba, 2006, 120 mins. Director: Jorge Luis Sánchez

A look at the eventful life of Cuban musician Benny Moré, beginning in the 1950s with the mambo king at the top of his game. When he parts ways with his longtime orchestra to form a new group, he soon finds himself struggling to cope with his stratospheric fame.

• Wednesday 22 August @ 7:30 PM – A Secret in The Box (Un Secreto en la Caja)
Ecuador, 2016, 71 mins. Director: Javier Izquierdo

Crossing the line between fact and fiction, this documentary explores the life and works of Marcelo Chiriboga, the internationally renowned Ecuadorian writer and member of the "boom" generation – who remains unknown in his own country due to censorship.

• Saturday 25 August @ 4 PM – The Claim (El desagravio)
El Salvador, 2016, 81 mins. Directors: Gianni Beretta, Patrik Soergel

Archbishop Óscar Romero was assassinated on March 24, 1980, while celebrating a Mass in El Salvador. This documentary explores the controversial canonisation process initiated by Pope Francis in 2013, which continues to divide the ecclesiastical institutions.

• Sunday 26 August @ 4 PM – September, A Silent Cry (Septiembre, un llanto en silencio)
Guatemala, 2017, 69 mins. Director: Kenneth C. Muller

In the 1980s, a terrorist bombing in Guatemala causes young Teresa to lose her mother, as well as her ability to hear. Her father initially struggles to care for her alone, but as she grows older, he becomes her safe haven from an unforgiving world.

• Monday 27 August @ 7:30 PM – The Life of Fish (La Vida de los Peces)
Chile, 2010, 84 mins. Director: Matías Bize

Andre is a travel writer living an exciting life abroad, who is now back in Santiago catching up with friends at party. As the night goes on, it becomes clear that a tragic event binds these friends together, and was the reason for Andre's departure from Chile years ago.