Trip Hazards in New Cinema

28th February, 2019

We are writing to inform members that a number of trip hazards have been identified over the past few weeks in the new Kambri cinema. Specifically, there are low steps located towards the front of the cinema that have been causing people to trip as they enter or exit the rows on the right hand side (when facing the screen).

We thank everyone who has brought these hazards to our attention, and apologise to anyone who has fallen over these steps in the last week. These are without a doubt design flaws, especially as cinemas are intended to operate predominantly in the dark, and work will need to be carried out to make the area safer.

We reported these trip hazards to the ANU when we first discovered them over two weeks ago and have since been following up on an almost daily basis for action to be taken. While the ANU Film Group may be one of the primary users of the new cinema, we were unfortunately not involved in its construction or design. Nor do we own the building, which limits what we are able to do to rectify the issues ourselves (as much as we’d like to!).

All we are able to do for now is to make as many people as possible aware of the hazards, which we hope we have done by laying down hazard tape in the affected areas last week and by bringing it to the attention of our members in this message. We will continue to follow this up with the ANU as a matter of urgency, but do anticipate it may take some time to rectify.

In the meantime, we ask that all members please keep an eye out for these trip hazards, and be particularly careful when entering the rows at the front of the cinema – especially if you are arriving after the film has already started.

On a related note, we would also like to issue a timely reminder to members to please treat our committee members with respect. We understand there are issues with the cinema, but that does not make it any more acceptable to behave in a rude or inappropriate manner towards us.

The ANU Film Group is run by volunteers who offer a service to members in their own free time. We absolutely share your frustrations, and have been working around the clock – alongside our own work, study and family commitments – to do all that we possibly can to get a number of issues resolved. All we ask is that you please bear with us and behave in a polite and courteous manner.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation!