What's On This Week + JUST MERCY Panel Discussion Details

3rd March, 2020

Can you believe it’s already March? We get the ball rolling on the new month with a week of acclaimed, powerful and thought-provoking films that touch on social issues such as the #MeToo movement, miscarriages of justice, corruption and poverty. Plus, the return of Shaun the Sheep for the kids or kids at heart.

• TUE 3 MAR @ 7:30 PM: THE TROUBLE WITH YOU (M, 108 mins)

The young widow of a local police chief on the French Riviera discovers that her late husband was not the hero that everyone believed him to be – and sets out to right his wrongs. Presented in partnership with Alliance Française Canberra in celebration of the 2020 French Film Festival, which screens in Canberra from March 12 to April 8. Find out more at https://www.affrenchfilmfestival.org/

• THU 5 MAR @ 7:30 PM: SORRY WE MISSED YOU (MA, 101 mins)

A down-on-his-luck British man takes a chance on self-employment as a delivery driver in an attempt to solve his family's financial woes in director Ken Loach’s powerful social drama.

• FRI 6 MAR @ 7:30 PM: JUST MERCY (M, 137 mins)

A young defence attorney (Michael B. Jordan) takes on the incendiary case of an African-American man (Jamie Foxx) who has been wrongfully sentenced to death for murder. Presented in partnership with ANU Law Reform and Social Justice, followed by a panel discussion with experts discussing miscarriages of justice in Australia. See below for more details.


When a mysterious alien crash lands near their farm, Shaun the Sheep and his flock must find a way to get her home before a sinister organisation can capture her and use her powers for evil.

• SAT 7 MAR @ 7:30 PM: BOMBSHELL (M, 109 mins)

A trio of women set out to expose Fox News founder and CEO for sexual harassment, inciting a movement that reverberates around the world. Starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie.



This Friday’s screening of acclaimed legal drama JUST MERCY, presented in partnership with ANU Law Reform and Social Justice (LRSJ), will be followed by a panel discussion with commentators discussing similar miscarriages of justice and innocence projects here in Australia.

The panel of experts assembled by LRSJ will include:

• Professor Lorana Bartels, Program Leader and Professor of Criminology at the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, whose research focuses on courts, sentencing and prisons.

• Associate Professor Anthony Hopkins, Director of Law School Clinical and Internship Courses at the ANU College of Law, who is also a practicing criminal defence barrister.

• Associate Professor Mai Sato, School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), who has studied the effect
of information and deliberation on support for the death penalty around the world.

We hope you can stick around after the film for what is sure to be a fascinating and insightful discussion.