Latest Updates to COVID-19 Safety Rules

11th May, 2021

The ANU Film Group has been granted approval by the ANU to resume screenings in 2021, but this is conditional on all members and guests abiding by certain COVID-19 safety rules.

Any failure by the ANU Film Group or any of its members to abide by these rules could result in the ANU immediately cancelling a screening or revoking our permission to hold future screenings. Representatives of the ANU will be conducting audits to ensure compliance at any given time, so we all need to be on our best behaviour!

Any members found to be in breach of the COVID-19 rules or who refuse to follow instructions from representatives of the ANUFG may have their memberships suspended or revoked.

As the time of this writing on Tuesday 11 May, 2021, these rules are as follows:
• Utilising the full capacity (305 seats) of the Kambri cinema has now been endorsed by ACT Health.
• Attendees must check-in using the ACT Health Check In CBR app by scanning the QR code displayed at the entrance to the cinema. This is a mandatory requirement as per ACT Health's public health direction. If you are unable to use the app, we can assist you with checking in on one of our devices. More information about the app can be found HERE.
• All attendees are also required to pre-register to attend screenings to help us manage audience numbers and allow for contact tracing to be carried out. Registration links will be provided on the listing for each screening on our website, opening two weeks prior to the screening date.
• Where possible, attendees should try to maintain appropriate social distancing by leaving 1.5 metres (or 1-2 seats) between them and the nearest person/party while seated inside the cinema, as well as when queuing up outside. Groups of attendees from the same household are permitted to sit together. If social distancing is not possible, consider wearing a mask.
• Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear face masks while attending screenings, and these are available free of charge from the Duty Manager on request.
• Attendees are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitiser stations around the Cultural Centre building, as well as use provided disinfectant wipes to clean their seat area before/after use.
• Any attendees exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be prohibiting from entering the venue.
• All contact tracing information will only be retained for 28 days. This information will not be used for any other purpose, and will be destroyed after this time.

We have posted a detailed FAQ with more information about the new COVID-19 safety rules, which you can find on our website by CLICKING HERE

Please note that rules may be subject to change at any time as ACT Health/ANU restrictions are updated, so please keep an eye out here for any changes should this happen.