What's On This Week + DARK WATERS Panel Discussion on April 22

13th April, 2021

It's the penultimate week of our Autumn season and time has certainly flown by. But fear not: in addition to some great films this week, we will also be announcing our Winter programme very shortly so stay tuned!

• TUE 13 APR @ 7:30 PM: A LION RETURNS (MA, 92 mins)

After spending 18 months fighting in Syria, a young man returns home to Sydney to see his terminally-ill mother – but he must first convince his unforgiving family that he is not a threat to them, in this critically acclaimed Australian indie.

• THU 15 APR @ 7:30 PM: RADIOACTIVE (M, 110 mins – No Guests)

After the death of her husband, pioneering scientist Marie Curie (Rosamund Pike) continues their transformative work into radioactive elements, which she soon discovers has the capacity to save thousands of lives – or destroy billions more. Presented in partnership with the Embassy of Hungary.

• FRI 16 APR @ 7:30 PM: SHADOW IN THE CLOUD (MA, 83 mins)

During World War II, a female pilot (Chloë Grace Moretz) in possession of a top-secret package boards a B-17 bomber plane with an all-male crew, and must soon contend more dire threats: an approaching enemy ambush and a sinister stowaway.

• SAT 17 APR @ **5 PM**: ONWARD (PG, 107 mins – No Guests)

In a suburban world that has been long devoid of magic, two teenage elf brothers embark on an extraordinary quest resurrecting their dead father so that they can spend one last day with him, in Pixar’s fantasy film.


Our screening of legal drama DARK WATERS next Thursday 22 April will be presented in partnership with ANU Law Reform and Social Justice, who will be hosting a post-film discussion with an eminent panel of environmental law experts and activists.

DARK WATERS follows a corporate attorney (Mark Ruffalo) who discovers a shocking environmental link between one of the world's largest chemical corporations and a growing number of unexplained deaths. Also starring Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Bill Pullman and Victor Garber.

Find out more about the three panellists below:

Dr Jonathan Liljeblad (ANU College of Law Senior Lecturer), whose research largely focuses on rule-of-law, human rights and environmental issues, seeking to nurture direct impact upon policy-makers and societal leaders.

Melanie Montalban (ACT Environmental Defenders Office Managing Lawyer), whose had previously worked as a refugee lawyer and has broad expertise in environmental justice, human rights and international law.

Annika Reynolds (LRSJ GreenLaw), who founded the young person-led law reform and policy development institute, empowering the next generation of lawyers to tackle the climate crisis.