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October 2014


8th October, 2014

It’s a week of spies, strong women and acclaimed Australian films, including GALORE, set and filmed entirely in Canberra, and a powerful posthumous performance by the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman in A MOST WANTED MAN. Only at the ANU Film Group!

• Wed 8 Oct @ 7:30 PM: GLORIA

In this award-winning Chilean comedy-drama, a free-spirited older woman embarks on a whirl of singles’ parties until she meets a divorced man, and then finds herself torn between hope for her future and nostalgia for the past.

• Thu 9 Oct @ 7:30 PM: A MOST WANTED MAN

When a tortured immigrant turns up in Hamburg, both German and US security agencies race to establish his true identity. Based on the novel by John le Carré and starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright.

• Fri 10 Oct @ 7:30 PM: CHARLIE’S COUNTRY + GALORE

In the award-winning CHARLIE’S COUNTRY, a frustrated Aboriginal Australian elder (David Gulpilil) leaves his remote community in the North Territory and takes to the bush to live life the old way, but sets off events that change his life forever.

Then, in GALORE (at approx. 9:30 PM), a group of reckless teenage friends and lovers find their lives in suburbia disrupted by the revelation of a secret in the chaotic days surrounding the 2003 Canberra bushfires.


In THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, famed author Charles Dickens (Ralph Fiennes), at the height of his career and bored with his life, enters into a stormy relationship with a younger woman (Felicity Jones) who becomes his secret lover until his death.

Then, in WADJDA (at approx. 9 PM), an enterprising young Saudi girl joins a Koran recitation competition at her school in the hopes of winning a cash prize to buy a green bicycle that has captured her interest.


1st October, 2014

We head into the month of October with our usual eclectic selection of films: the latest acclaimed musical from the director of ONCE, a double feature of award-winning foreign films, and a four-hour erotic opus, courtesy of director Lars von Trier. What more could you want?

• Thu 2 Oct @ 7:30 PM: BEGIN AGAIN

A chance encounter between a disgraced music executive (Mark Ruffalo) and a young singer (Keira Knightley) turns into a life-changing collaboration between the two talents, in the latest musical from the director of ONCE.

• Fri 3 Oct @ 7:30 PM: STILL LIFE + A GUN IN EACH HAND

In the poignant British drama STILL LIFE, a council worker (Eddie Marsan) whose job is to find the next of kin for people who have passed away alone learns that he is being made redundant, and embarks on one last, liberating case.

Then, in the hit Spanish comedy A GUN IN EACH HAND (at approx. 9 PM), chance encounters between old friends and acquaintances form an engrossing series of six intertwined tales of love, lost and found, in this witty battle of the sexes.

• Sat 4 Oct @ **7 PM**: NYMPHOMANIAC

In director Lars von Trier latest controversial film, after being rescued by a stranger, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac (Charlotte Gainsbourg) recounts the lustful story of her highly erotic life from infancy into the present day.

** NOTE: NYMPHOMANIAC was released theatrically in two volumes, both of which will be showing on Saturday. The two parts will be separated by a 10-minute intermission at approximately 9 PM. **

September 2014

What's On This Week: EXPENDABLES 3, GRACE OF MONACO, SEX TAPE and more!

23rd September, 2014

It’s back to business as usual with a fully packed week of screenings at the Film Group. Documentaries, action stars, biopics, raunchy comedies and even horror flicks -- there’s bound to be something for everyone!

• Tue 23 Sep @ 7:30 PM: BEYOND THE EDGE

A stunning documentary that brings to life Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary's monumental ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, retold through original footage and photographs, as well as dramatised reconstructions of the climb.

• Thu 25 Sep @ 7:30 PM: THE EXPENDABLES 3

The Expendables embark on their most personal mission yet: to take down a former member of the team bent on wiping them out. Featuring an all-star cast of action heroes including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson.


In GRACE OF MONACO, former Hollywood star Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) struggles with a crisis of identity and marriage during a political dispute between Monaco and France in the early 1960s.

Then, YVES SAINT LAURENT (at approx. 9:15 PM) takes a revelatory look at the life of the iconic French designer, from the very beginning of his illustrious career at the young age of 21.

• Sat 27 Sep @ **7 PM**: SEX TAPE + DELIVER US FROM EVIL

In SEX TAPE, a couple (Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel) wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, and embark on a frantic search to recover it before it is made public.

Then, in DELIVER US FROM EVIL (at approx. 8:45 PM), a New York cop (Eric Bana) begins investigating a series of disturbing crimes, and joins forces with a priest to combat supernatural forces terrorising the city.

What's On This Week: CHILD'S POSE + IN BLOOM

19th September, 2014

Already this year we’ve had screenings of films mere weeks after their theatrical releases, but one of this weekend’s films is about to top all that. Gripping Georgian drama IN BLOOM will be getting a limited release in Sydney and Melbourne from September 25 -- and we’ll be screening it this weekend before it’s even out!

Set in 1992 in the newly independent state of Georgia, the film follows two fourteen-year-old best friends whose childhood comes to a halt amid civil war in the region. Unsure of what the future might bring, the two girls find themselves reacting to the pressures in very different and life-changing ways.

IN BLOOM screens on Saturday 20 September at approx. 9 PM, following CHILD’S POSE.


We return to full screenings from next week with a string of highly anticipated films, including THE EXPENDABLES 3, GRACE OF MONACO and SEX TAPE. This week, for the second and last week of the university vacation period, we head to Eastern Europe for a double feature of two celebrated dramas from Romania and Georgia.

• Sat 20 Sep @ **7 PM**: CHILD’S POSE + IN BLOOM

In CHILD’S POSE, when her adult son is charged with manslaughter, a woman sets out on a campaign of emotional and social manipulation to keep him out of prison and, in turn, reassert control over him.

Then, in IN BLOOM (at approx. 9 PM), two young girls are forced to leave their childhood behind as they work to escape their turbulent family lives amidst civil war in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 1992.

Screening Changes in October/November

12th September, 2014

Despite our best efforts to put together a programme of films months before most of them are released in cinemas, we occasionally find ourselves having to make unexpected programme changes. As such, due to recent changes to their theatrical release dates, we are now no longer able to screen GET ON UP and THE BOOK OF LIFE as part of our Semester Two 2014 programme.

GET ON UP on Friday 31 October will be replaced by the previously unscheduled DRACULA UNTOLD, screening at the same start time of 7:30 PM.

DRACULA UNTOLD tells the never-before-told origin story of a warrior (Luke Evans) who makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his family and becomes the legendary vampire Dracula. The perfect film for Halloween!

THE BOOK OF LIFE on Saturday 8 November will be replaced by the night’s intended second feature, THE MAZE RUNNER, now screening at 7:00 PM. The previously unscheduled WORDS AND PICTURES will now screen as the night’s second feature at approximately 9:00 PM.

WORDS AND PICTURES is the latest film from Australian director Fred Schepisi, and stars Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche as rival schoolteachers who compete to determine whether words or pictures are more important.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the changes and will endeavour to screen GET ON UP and THE BOOK OF LIFE as part of a future programme if possible.


Thanks to the generosity of members at our Robin Williams tribute screening last month we managed to raise over $350 in support of Lifeline Canberra.

All funds raised will go directly towards the on-going recruitment and training of Lifeline’s telephone crisis support volunteers that work to save the lives of those battling depression every day.


There’s only one screening this week due to the university’s mid-semester vacation period with a double feature of two acclaimed foreign dramas from Canada and France.

• Sat 13 Sep @ **7 PM**: GABRIELLE + A CASTLE IN ITALY

In GABRIELLE, a young woman with Williams syndrome and an exceptional musical gift must confront the prejudices of others as well as her own limitations in her quest to attain emotional and physical independence.

Then, in A CASTLE IN ITALY (at approx. 8:45 PM), a family that has fallen on hard times is forced to sell their castle in a poignant tale about family, relationships and mortality. Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Thank You + What's On This Week

2nd September, 2014

The ANU Film Group would like to express our profound thanks to everyone who came along and supported our special events over the past few weeks!

Just last weekend, we held our 8th Annual Trivia Night and a Robin Williams Tribute Screening, with phenomenal turnout and feedback at both. Our Trivia Night was once again incredibly well-received and raised significant funds, all of which will go directly towards allowing us to continue doing what we do best: providing a great and varied selection of films throughout the year.

We're still tallying up the money raised for Lifeline Canberra from the Robin Williams Tribute Screening and will update you as soon as we've finalised numbers, but the generosity of our members -- both new and old alike -- has been tremendous. For those of you who weren't able to make it along, we also screened a special Robin Williams tribute montage before the films on Sunday. Have a look at that on our Facebook page HERE.

Our special event screening of ALLIES on August 13 was also very well attended, as was the fascinating post-screening discussion with our guests Professor Des Ball, Ronin Films' Andrew Pike and 666 ABC's Alex Sloan. If you were amongst those in attendance who wanted to buy a DVD of the film but were unable to do so, please email us at to arrange your copy.


Take a trip around the world at the Film Group this week as we screen as series of acclaimed films from countries across the globe, including Japan, India, France, Italy and the UK. Plus, another chance to see Robin Williams on the big screen in the romantic drama THE FACE OF LOVE.

• Tue 2 Sep @ 7:30 PM: THE FACE OF LOVE

In this tale of lost love and second chances, a grieving widow (Annette Bening) finds herself falling for a man (Ed Harris) who looks identical to her deceased husband. Also starring Robin Williams in one of his last films released before his untimely passing.

• Thu 4 Sep @ 7:30 PM: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON

When a successful business man learns that his biological son was switched with another child after birth, he must make a life-changing decision and choose between his true son or the boy he has raised as his own in this moving Japanese drama.


In THE TRIP TO ITALY, comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon once again play semi-fictionalised versions of themselves, as they take a culinary road trip around Italy, while indulging in crackling banter and countless impersonations along the way.

Then, in the acclaimed and charming THE LUNCH BOX (at approx. 9:15 PM), a mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famous lunchbox delivery service serendipitously connects a lonely young housewife to an older man, who then begin exchanging daily notes.


Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, ERNEST & CELESTINE tells the beautifully-hand-animated story of an unlikely friendship between a grumpy bear and a young mouse.

Then, in the feel-good hit THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY (at approx. 8:30 PM), an Indian family arrive in a small French country town where they open an restaurant directly across the road from a famed Michelin-starred eatery run by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren).

** NOTE: ERNEST & CELESTINE will be screened in its English-dubbed version, featuring the voices of Forest Whitaker, Paul Giamatti, William H. Macy and the late Lauren Bacall. **

August 2014

Robin Williams Tribute Screening: Sunday 31 August

18th August, 2014


Like countless others around the world, we here at the ANU Film Group were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Robin Williams last week. To celebrate his life and his legacy, we will be screening two of his most beloved films -- DEAD POETS SOCIETY and GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM -- in a special tribute on SUNDAY 31 AUGUST.

DEAD POETS SOCIETY will screen at the special start time of 6 PM, followed by GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM at approximately 8:15 PM.

In DEAD POETS SOCIETY, Williams stars as an unorthodox English teacher who encourages his students to seize the day and go against the status quo, changing their lives and his own in the process. Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Williams.

Then, revisit the breakthrough big-screen role that earned Williams his first Oscar nomination in GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM. In the film, Williams plays an irreverent DJ who shakes things up when he is assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam.

Please join us at these special screenings to bid farewell to a unique talent and pay tribute to the profound impact that his work has had on so many. Entry is free for those with a current Annual or Semester ANUFG membership. For everyone else, memberships will be available at the door starting from $15.

The Film Group will be donating $5 from all memberships sold on the night to Lifeline Canberra. As such, both screenings will be ‘No Guests’ screenings to promote sales, so please help spread the word and encourage others to come along.

Fans of Robin Williams may also be interested to know that he appears in two other films on our current Semester Two programme. He makes an uncredited appearance in director Terry Gilliam’s THE ZERO THEOREM, which is having its Canberra premiere screening at 9:30 PM this Friday (August 22). He also has a supporting role in one of his last films released before his death, THE FACE OF LOVE, screening on Tuesday 2 September at 7:30 PM.


This week, strong women, undercover hijinks, and romantic entanglements are just the tip of the iceberg in a packed week that includes our exclusive Canberra premiere screening of THE ZERO THEOREM, the latest film from Terry Gilliam (BRAZIL, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS).

• Tue 19 Aug @ 7:30 PM: CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915

At the end of her famed career, a miserable sculptor (Juliette Binoche) is sent by her family to an asylum in the South of France, where she is forced to live as the only sane person amongst patients who obviously are not.

• Thu 21 Aug @ 7:30 PM: UNDER THE SKIN

A mysterious woman (Scarlett Johansson) drifts across Scotland hunting down and seducing lonely men as she begins to question the purpose of her existence in a haunting and erotic journey of self-discovery.

• Fri 22 Aug @ 7:30 PM: 22 JUMP STREET + THE ZERO THEOREM

In 22 JUMP STREET, after making their way through high school (twice), two police officers (Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum) are tasked with going deep undercover at a local university to bust an illicit drug ring.

Then, in our Canberra premiere screening of THE ZERO THEOREM (at approx. 9:30 PM), a computer hacker (Christoph Waltz) whose goal is to discover the reason for human existence continually finds his work being interrupted.

• Sat 23 Aug @ **7 PM**: TRACKS + CHINESE PUZZLE

TRACKS tells the amazing true story of Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska), a young woman who embarks on an epic, soul-searching 2,700-kilometre journey across the Australian Outback accompanied only by her dog and four camels.

Then, in CHINESE PUZZLE (at approx. 9 PM), a writer relocates to New York to be with his young children after his estranged wife moves there, an act which marks only the beginning of his romantic entanglements.


Our upcoming Annual Trivia Night is so chock full of prizes that you could win something just by purchasing a ticket!

Simply purchase your Trivia Night ticket before Friday 29 August and you’ll go into the draw to win an $80 dining voucher for the wonderful Boffins restaurant located at University House in the ANU.

If feedback from past years is anything to go by, our Trivia Night is unlike any other, so you won’t want to miss out. Tickets are $15 per person, with tables of up to 10 available. For more information, head over to

ALLIES Event Screening on Wednesday + Win Tickets to BOYHOOD

11th August, 2014

Our special event screening of ALLIES is this week, with noted guests on hand for an introduction and post-screening Q&A. Plus, an eclectic mix of rom-coms, indie comedies, dark thrillers and giant robots. Not to mention a chance to win tickets to a preview screening of Richard Linklater’s acclaimed BOYHOOD!

• Wed 13 Aug @ 7:30 PM: ALLIES

An insightful look into diplomatic relations between Australia and the USA since the Second World War, with special guests including Andrew Pike (Ronin Films), Professor Des Ball (ANU) and Alex Sloan (ABC 666) on hand for an introduction and post-screening Q&A.

• Thu 14 Aug @ 7:30 PM: BLENDED

After a blind date gone horribly wrong, two single parents (Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore) unexpectedly find themselves and their respective children stuck together on an African safari vacation.


In acclaimed feel-good comedy CHEF, a chef (Jon Favreau) who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while working on reuniting his estranged family.

Then, in THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY (at approx. 9:30 PM), a wealthy couple (Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst) on vacation in Greece embroil a stranger (Oscar Issac) in a tense and dangerous battle of wits and deceit.


A mechanic (Mark Wahlberg) stumbles upon the hidden Optimus Prime and inadvertently puts himself and his family in danger when they are relentlessly pursued across the globe by a group of Transformer bounty hunters.


Only three weeks to go until our 8th Annual Trivia Night, and the prizes are piling up! This year, our very generous sponsors include Dendy, Palace Electric, Hoyts, Canberra International Film Festival, Canberra Theatre, Floriade Nightfest, Grill’d, San Churro and many, many, many more.

For our full list of prize sponsors, and more details about the event, head over to

WHEN: Friday 29 August at 7:30 PM
WHERE: Ainslie Football Club, 52 Wakefield Avenue, Ainslie
TICKETS: $15 per person, with tables of up to 10 available; available for purchase at any screening or online.


Thanks to our friends at Dendy, we have tickets to give away to a special advanced screening of director Richard Linklater’s acclaimed new film, BOYHOOD.

A groundbreaking coming-of-age drama, BOYHOOD looks at childhood as seen through the eyes of a young boy named Mason (Ellar Coltrane). Filmed with the same cast over a period of 12 years, including Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquett as Mason’s parents, the film charts the rocky terrain of growing up like no other, set to a phenomenal soundtrack spanning the years.

BOYHOOD is in cinemas on September 4, but we’ve got eight double passes for you to see it first on WEDNESDAY 20 AUGUST at 6:30 PM at Dendy Canberra.

For your chance to win tickets to this unique film, simply reply to this message -- or email -- with your name, membership number (located underneath the barcode on your card) and your answer to the following question: ‘Richard Linklater has directed Ethan Hawke in nine films to date. Name one of these films.’

Entries close on Monday 18 August at 5 PM, with winners to be notified via email and tickets to be collected at the Dendy box office on the night.

Trivia Night: Only Four Weeks to Go!

5th August, 2014

Dragons, Divergents, damn dirty apes and acclaimed foreign films from around the globe make up the Film Group’s fantastic line-up for this week. Plus, have you got your Trivia Night tickets yet? If not, read below for more details.

• Tue 5 Aug @ 7:30 PM: THE PATIENCE STONE

After her husband is paralysed and falls into a coma, a young Afghan woman takes the opportunity to tell him the truth and confide in him about her feelings, her loneliness and her secret desires.

• Thu 7 Aug @ 7:30 PM: MICHAEL KOHLHAAS

In 16th century France, after a horse dealer (Mads Mikkelsen) is wronged by a greedy local nobleman, he raises an army and puts the country to fire and sword in order to have his rights restored.


In a world divided into factions, a teenage girl (Shailene Woodley) learns that she is ‘Divergent’ and doesn’t fit in. Initially hiding her true nature, she soon discovers a plot to destroy all Divergents and sets out to unravel her seemingly perfect society.

Then, another young girl gets in over her head in the French erotic drama YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL (at approx. 10 PM), in which a teenager loses her virginity and decides to explore her sexuality by taking up a secret life as a call girl.


In acclaimed animated sequel HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2, a young dragon racer discovers a cave that is home to hundreds of wild dragons, and soon finds himself at the center of a battle to protect the delicate peace between dragons and Vikings.

Then, in DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (at approx. 8:45 PM), a nation of genetically evolved apes are brought to the brink of war when they are threatened by a group of humans survivors of a devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier.


There are less than four weeks to go until our 8th Annual Trivia Night. Have you got your tickets yet?

When: Friday 29 August at 7:30 PM
Where: Ainslie Football Club, 52 Wakefield Avenue, Ainslie

Tickets are $15 per person, with tables of up to 10 available. Tickets are strictly limited, however, so be sure to get in quick to secure the best tables. You can purchase your tickets at any ANUFG screening from the laminating desk below the screen, or alternatively pay for them online via direct deposit by emailing

The trivia night is our main fundraiser for the year, and we’d also love any help you can provide to spread the word about the event. So if you’re looking for something to show potential teammates or would like to put something up at work, look no further. You can download a Trivia Night flyer to print or send along right here: (1.5 Mb)

For more information on the night and to check out a few of our generous sponsors, head over to

July 2014

Special Event Screening of ALLIES on August 13

30th July, 2014

We’ve got another jam-packed line-up of films as we head into the second week of Semester Two. From last loves to Jersey Boys, cowboys, and the ultimate chick flick double feature, there’s bound to be something for everyone at the Film Group. Don’t miss out!

• Wed 30 July @ 7:30 PM: MR. MORGAN’S LAST LOVE

A cynical widower (Michael Caine) living in Paris sees no meaningful future for himself, until he meets a free-spirited dance instructor (Clémence Poésy) who changes his outlook on life.

• Thu 31 July @ 7:30 PM: JERSEY BOYS

The story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey who came together to form the iconic 1960s rock group The Four Seasons. Based on the hit musical and directed by Clint Eastwood.


In A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST, a cowardly farmer (Seth McFarlane) who falls for a mysterious woman (Charlize Theron) must put his newfound courage to the test when her notorious outlaw husband (Liam Neeson) arrives seeking revenge.

Then, for more farcical fun, check out the classic Marx Brothers film HORSE FEATHERS (at approx. 9:30 PM), in which a university goes to extreme lengths to beat a rival school at a football game.


In THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, two teenagers who meet at a cancer support group are swept away on an unconventional journey as they explore what it means to be alive and in love. Bring your tissues!

Then, in THE OTHER WOMAN (at approx. 9:15 PM), a woman (Cameron Diaz) who discovers that her boyfriend is actually married, teams up with his scorned wife (Leslie Mann) to plot mutual revenge.


Our special event screening of ALLIES is coming up fast in exactly two weeks’ time. One of Australia’s great documentaries directed by Walkley award-winning journalist Marian Wilkinson, it has rarely been seen until its resurrection this year by Canberra’s own Ronin Films.

Andrew Pike of Ronin Films will be introducing the film and then afterwards ANU’s Professor Des Ball, who has a significant role in the film, will join us for a discussion. We’re also pleased to announce that Alex Sloan, 666 ABC Canberra’s afternoon presenter, will be coming along to host the post-film Q&A.

The documentary looks at diplomatic relations between Australia and the USA since the Second World War. In the 1960s Australia had committed troops to the Vietnam War and was a staunch ally of the USA. Australia went ‘all the way with LBJ’, and secret US surveillance bases were established. When the Whitlam Government withdrew troops from Vietnam, relations between Australia and the USA became strained.

Be sure to come along to support this unique and special event, and one of the rare chances to see ALLIES on the big screen -- only at the ANU Film Group!