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September 2021

Update on Future Screenings

12th September, 2021

It’s now officially been one month since the ACT was sent into lockdown and ANU Film Group screenings were put on hold. While there are no doubt more urgent things going on in everyone’s lives at the moment, we wanted to provide a brief update to our members about the status of our future screenings.

We have had to regretfully cancel the remainder of our Spring season (which was intended to run until October 2) regardless of whether Canberra comes out of lockdown this coming Thursday. The current advice from the ACT Government is that, even if the lockdown ends, restrictions will be eased gradually, and we have received a similar indication from the ANU that public events such as ours are not likely to be permitted to return to campus at this early stage.

The ANU Film Group will eventually return, but unfortunately we are simply unable to make any future plans until we have a more definitive idea of when it will be deemed safe for screenings to resume. We hope this will be soon and can't wait until we can screen films for you once again.

Until then, we want to assure our members that they will not lose out as a result of this temporary intermission. As we did when screenings were temporarily put on hold in March last year, we will be extending all current Annual and Spring 2021 season members by a period of time equal to, if not exceeding, the shutdown duration. This will happen automatically when screenings resume and there’s nothing further you need to do.

If, however, your personal circumstances make it unlikely that you will return when screenings resume, we can also offer pro rata refunds for anyone who requires one. If you would like a refund, please send an email to with your membership number and we’ll get in touch with next steps.


Like we did last time, we’ve also resurrected ANUFG@Home for anyone looking for themed suggestions of (mostly) free films you can watch online in the absence of your favourite Film Group. Please feel free to share these film suggestions to keep you and your loved ones entertained and connected from the comfort and safety of your own homes. And, of course, if you’ve discovered any hidden gems you’d like to share, feel free to send them through to too.

ANUFG@Home suggestions can be found at and will be updated on a regular basis, with new additions highlighted on our Facebook page at Do note that the website does contain some of last year’s recommendations too, so we can’t guarantee that all of the links will still be valid at time of viewing.

Finally, if you need more than film suggestions to get you through this period, don't forget that you are not alone and that there are a range of services offering support:
• Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service: 1800 512 348
• Lifeline: 131 114
• Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800

More information from ACT Health on mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19 can be found by CLICKING HERE

August 2021

Screenings Postponed Until Further Notice

12th August, 2021

Well, we’ve had a good run over the past eight months, but unfortunately we regret to inform you that ANU Film Group screenings will be postponed once again from tonight (Thursday 12 August) onwards until further notice. To be clear, this postponement will include tonight’s scheduled screening of TWO OF US, which will not be proceeding as planned.

This is in accordance with the latest ACT Health orders, including the snap lockdown beginning from 5 pm tonight, and ANU restrictions on on-campus events that are anticipated to continue beyond this.

We will endeavour to re-schedule any postponed screenings as soon as we have a better idea of when screenings will be permitted to resume, and will of course also be offering some form of membership extension so that none of you are out of pocket.

More details will be announced at a later date, but in the meantime, please look after yourselves and stay safe. We’ll all be back at the movies before you know it!


10th August, 2021

Our BRAZEN HUSSIES event screening takes places this Saturday at 5 PM, followed by a special panel discussion featuring two of the film’s participants, one of whom you may recognise as an ANUFG member! Plus, we’ve also got a Chinese spy thriller, a French romantic drama, and Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek heading up a star-studded action-comedy sequel.

• WED 11 AUGUST @ 7:30 PM: CLIFF WALKERS (MA, 120 mins)

In 1931, four Chinese agents are sent behind enemy lines on a mission to rescue a witness who can expose Japanese war crime atrocities to the world – but quickly find themselves hunted by the enemy after they are betrayed, in director Zhang Yimou's latest.

• THU 12 AUGUST @ 7:30 PM: TWO OF US (M, 95 mins)

Two older women living as neighbours on the top floor of their apartment building have also been secret lovers for decades – until an unexpected event threatens to unveil the true nature of their relationship, in this acclaimed French romantic drama.


A disgraced bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds) is forced back into action by a hitman (Samuel L. Jackson) and his volatile con artist wife (Salma Hayek), all of whom soon are embroiled in a madman's plot to destroy Europe in this action-comedy sequel.

• SAT 14 AUGUST @ **5 PM**: BRAZEN HUSSIES (M, 93 mins)

A look at the Women's Liberation Movement and their revolutionary work throughout the 1960s and 1970s as a daring and diverse group of women reignite the feminist movement in Australia, at times at great personal cost. Followed by a panel discussion chaired by ANU Gender Institute Convenor Fiona Jenkins, and featuring two stars of the women’s movement, Elizabeth Reid AO and Biff Ward.

What's On This Week + Upcoming Post-screening Events

3rd August, 2021

This week at the ANU Film Group, we’re screening two of this year’s Oscar-nominated documentaries showcasing stranger than fiction stories, as well as star-studded thriller featuring the talents of Angelina Jolie, Gary Oldman and more.

• TUE 3 AUGUST @ 7:30 PM: THE MOLE AGENT (G, 90 mins)

When concerns are raised about elder abuse in a Chilean retirement home, a private investigator hires an 83-year-old man to go undercover and investigate the community in this heartfelt 2021 Oscar nominee for Best Feature Documentary.

• THU 5 AUGUST @ 7:30 PM: CRISIS (MA, 119 mins)

An all-star cast features in this crime drama that examines the opioid epidemic through intersecting narratives, as it touches everyone from recovering addicts to drug traffickers, pharmaceutical scientists, and undercover cops.

• FRI 6 AUGUST @ 7:30 PM: THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD (MA, 100 mins)

A firefighter (Angelina Jolie) stationed in the Montana wilderness encounters a young boy on the run after witnessing a murder. When the killers set fire to the forest to cover up their tracks, she must use her skills to bring him to safety.


In this Oscar-nominated documentary, a team of journalists investigating a nightclub fire in 2015 uncover mass corruption within the Romanian health system. Followed by a panel discussion with ANU Law Reform and Social Justice (see details below).


We proud to be presenting two very special events taking place over the next two Saturdays, following our screenings of acclaimed documentaries COLLECTIVE (August 7) and BRAZEN HUSSIES (August 14).

First up, after our screening of COLLECTIVE this Saturday at 5 PM, ANU Law Reform and Social Justice (LRSJ) will be hosting a panel discussion featuring eminent legal experts and academics discussing the themes of the film. Panellists will include including Associate Professor Matthew Zagor, Director of ANU LRSJ; John Griffin, former Australian Ambassador to Greece, Bulgaria and Romania; and Dr Judith Healy, ANU Menzies Centre for Health Governance.

Then, after our screening of BRAZEN HUSSIES next Saturday at 5 PM, ANU Gender Institute Convenor Fiona Jenkins will be chairing a post-screening discussion featuring two stars of the Australian Women's Liberation Movement who appear in the film, Elizabeth Reid AO and Biff Ward.

We hope you can make it along and participate in these special events!

July 2021

What's On This Week + ANU 75th Anniversary Celebrations

28th July, 2021

As July comes to an end, we’re screening two of the most acclaimed films of the year alongside a feel-good true story about an unlikely Welsh racehorse. Plus, with the Tokyo Olympics now in full swing, don’t miss a special 40th anniversary screening of 1981 Best Picture winner CHARIOTS OF FIRE!

• WED 28 JULY @ 7:30 PM: THE NEST (MA, 107 mins)

In the 1980s, a businessman (Jude Law) relocates his wife and children from the U.S. to a grand old manor in the English countryside in pursuit of a better life, but it's not long before his ambition causes the family to fall apart.

• THU 29 JULY @ 7:30 PM: THE DISSIDENT (M, 117 mins)

When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul in 2018, investigative activists around the world are left to piece together the clues and expose a global cover-up.

• FRI 30 JULY @ 7:30 PM: CHARIOTS OF FIRE (M, 125 mins)

Get into the Olympic spirit with a 40th anniversary screening of this British classic, in which two athletes from different religious backgrounds train to compete in the 1924 Olympics. Winner of 4 Oscars, including Best Picture.

• SAT 31 JULY @ **5 PM**: DREAM HORSE (PG, 113 mins)

Despite having no experience in horses, a Welsh bartender (Toni Collette) convinces her neighbours to chip in their earnings to help raise an unlikely racehorse to compete with the racing elites. Based on an incredible true story.


The ANU Film Group may be a ripe 55 years old this year, but our home at the Australian National University was established 20 years earlier on August 1, 1946 and are celebrating their milestone 75th anniversary this weekend.

Kicking off a year-long commemoration will be a series of special in-person events on August 1 and 2, intended to honour the past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future. Find out more about what’s on by CLICKING HERE

One of the
events that we’re collaborating with the ANU on is a screening of PENGUIN BLOOM, in case anyone missed out on our original screening earlier this year. This screening is open to all members of the public and no ANUFG membership is required. More details, including registration links for the screening, can be found by CLICKING HERE

Spring Season Begins This Week

22nd July, 2021

The weather outside may be frightful, but we’re hopefully willing warmer days into existence with the beginning of our Spring season of films this week!

Running until October 2, we’re kicking it all off with an acclaimed Aussie dramedy, a spirited animated film, and the long-awaited return of one of the biggest blockbuster franchises around. Don’t forget to check out the full listing at

• THU 22 JULY @ 7:30 PM: JUNE AGAIN (M, 99 mins)

When a twist of fate grants her a brief reprieve from her dementia, a matriarch (Noni Hazlehurst) makes an escape from her aged care home and sets out to put the lives of her estranged adult children back on track, in this Aussie dramedy.

• FRI 23 JULY @ 7:30 PM: FAST & FURIOUS 9 (M, 143 mins – ‘NO GUESTS’ SCREENING)

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) must assemble his crew to confront the sins of the past when his estranged younger brother (John Cena) re-emerges on the hunt for a device capable of controlling any weapons system in the world.

• SAT 24 JULY @ **5 PM**: SPIRIT UNTAMED (G, 88 mins)

A young girl finds her life changed forever when she moves from her home in the city to a small frontier town, where she befriends a wild mustang who shares her rebellious spirit – until a heartless wrangler threatens to capture its herd.

New Spring 2021 Programme + Card Surcharges Waived

11th July, 2021

After a couple of unexpected delays due to some last-minute changes, our new programme is finally ready to be released into the world!

You can find the full Spring 2021 line-up online now in three ways:
1. On our website with posters, synopses and cast listings by CLICKING HERE
2. In a printer-friendly PDF flyer version by CLICKING HERE
3. Or import all screenings into your phone or computer’s calendar by CLICKING HERE

Running from July 22 through to October 2, there’s bound to be something for everyone as we bring you the biggest and best new films alongside classics, world cinema and little-known gems. Below are a couple of things worth keeping an eye out for:

• FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: We’re continuing our celebration of milestone cinematic anniversaries on the last Friday of each month. This season, we’re getting into the Olympic spirit with CHARIOTS OF FIRE, yelling for Stella in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and going ‘Aw, jeez’ with a trip back to FARGO.

• LEBANESE FILM FESTIVAL: After 2020’s at-home edition, the Lebanese Film Festival is back with three free screenings between September 10 and 12, featuring films direct from major film festivals such as Cannes, Toronto and Berlin.

• PANEL DISCUSSIONS: ANU academics, subject matter experts and even some ANUFG members will be partaking in eye-opening panel discussions after our screenings of acclaimed documentaries COLLECTIVE and BRAZEN HUSSIES this season.

• SATURDAY SCREENING TIMES: Due to some unfortunate venue booking clashes outside of our control, we are breaking from our 5 PM start time in lieu of 7:30 PM starts for three Saturdays this season on August 21, August 28 and September 4. Reminders will be issued closer to the date.


Not yet a member? Spring memberships are already available for purchase and include entry into the remainder of our current Winter season too, so there’s no better time to join up. Head to or visit us at any screening to become a member!

As a small gesture of thanks to everyone who has been supporting us, we have made the decision to waive all credit card and EFTPOS surcharges for payments made in person at screenings from this week onwards. As we are no longer accepting cash as a payment method, we hope that this will help make it easier – and more affordable – to become a member.

Please note that a $2 surcharge will still apply for any memberships purchased online and paid for using PayPal or credit card. Payments made via direct bank deposit will continue to be accepted at no extra charge.

What's On This Week + Masks Optional from Saturday

8th July, 2021

Thank you to everyone for their swift cooperation with ACT Health’s new mask requirements last week.

As you may have heard, earlier today it was announced that the existing mandate will be lifted on Saturday 10 July. This means that masks will still be mandatory at this Thursday’s and Friday’s screenings but won't be required from Saturday’s screening onwards.

Although they are no longer mandatory, the official health advice is that the wearing of masks is still strongly encouraged in spaces where physical distancing is not possible, such as in crowded indoor venues like cinemas. Therefore, as we have been doing since screenings resumed in December, we will continue to offer free masks from the front desk to anyone who wishes to use one. You are also encouraged to bring your own and use it if you wish.

Beyond that, it's business as usual this week for the penultimate week of screenings for the season – featuring Robin Wright's directorial debut, one of the big hits of this year's French Film Festival, and Jason Statham's long-awaited re-teaming with director Guy Ritchie.

And stay tuned for the big reveal of our new July to October programme... coming sooner than you think!

• THU 8 JULY @ 7:30 PM: LAND (M, 89 mins)

In the aftermath of a tragedy, a woman (Robin Wright) finds herself unable to stay connected to the world she once knew, and retreats to the magnificent but unforgiving wilds of the Rocky Mountains to build a new life off the grid.

• FRI 9 JULY @ 7:30 PM: WRATH OF MAN (MA, 119 mins)

When criminals attempt to rob a cash truck, a mysterious new security guard (Jason Statham) dispatches the would-be robbers with deadly precision and skills, leaving his co-workers wondering who he is and what his true motives are.


School teacher Antoinette finds her weekend plans with her married lover upended when he decides to go hiking with his family instead. Undeterred, she follows them on their trek and gets far more than she bargained for in this hit French comedy.

SUPERNOVA on July 17 Now Screening at 7:30 PM

4th July, 2021

As a result of an unfortunate double booking at the cinema, we regret to inform you that our screening of SUPERNOVA on Saturday 17 July will now begin at 7:30 PM instead of 5 PM as originally scheduled.

The film follows a couple – Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci) – who find their love for each other tested as they travel across England in an old campervan visiting people and places from their 20 years together, after Tusker is diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

We apologise for any and all inconvenience caused by this change, and hope that anyone who was planning on seeing the film will still be able to make it along at the later start time.

Want to Join the ANUFG Committee?

3rd July, 2021

The ANU Film Group’s committee is typically selected at our Annual General Meeting in March each year, but casual vacancies can occur if not all spots are filled at the AGM or a committee member resigns. As it happens, we currently have a few casual vacancies on the committee and are putting a call out to see if any members are keen on helping out!

As most of you probably know, since it began in 1966, the ANUFG has been run by a team of volunteers who do everything from being on duty at screenings to booking our films, designing our publications, updating our Facebook page and everything in between. If you’ve been enjoying being a member (or perhaps even if you haven’t) you may wish to consider getting involved. Running Australia’s largest film society is a lot of work, but it’s worth it – and there are a couple of perks including free membership too!

If you are currently a member and think you might be interested in filling one of our committee’s casual vacancies, please send us an email to with a bit about yourself and why you’d like to get involved, preferably by Sunday 11 July. Alternatively, you can also reach out if you’d simply like to know more about what the role entails. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!